Debit adjustment amount to my SBI Fast Tag

Name: V.ABINAYA Complaint Registered
State: Tamil Nadu

Dear sbi fastag & nhai team,
       I mailed 3 rd time & no other response.
This is ABINAYA.V, my vehicle (Car) number is TN28BV2907 & my sbi fastag id is 34161FA8203286140E02F9A. Please find the attachment of my sbi fastag toll transactions as on 23.10.2020 from the tag installed. From 18th OCT 2020 to 23 rd 2020 ₹ 240 looted by the bank from my fastag as debit adjustment which is not at all acceptable.
Kindly look in to this and revert back the money.

I need to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
please find attached my details & debited amount need to refund.
I filling the consumer complaint in soon based on your reply.

Registered Mobile no : 994xxx85

My vehicle no : TN28BV2907.
My fast tag id : 34161FA8203286140E02F9A.

Please do needful at the earliest.


Complaint Status: Approved

Request: Very Urgent

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