My Likee Video Account is banned

Name: Ashok Dhankar Complaint Registered
State: Rajasthan

Hi Sir,
I have Likee Account. But yesterday, my account was banned. Please do check what is the issue.
I will not do wrong.

Complaint Status: Solution GIven

Request: Urgent

Complaint Suggestion

Hi Ashok Dhankar
The LIKEE Video company monitor user account. You were found in breach of CLASS A Clause 16. Please do email to the Likee VIdeo.
Your account will be soon activated.
Good day.

Note: This is not an official Likee (Like Video) support or customer care service portal. We help, give suggestion and guide customers. You can always reach Likee (Like Video) customer support via website/ app. If you more question, leave comment via comment box below.

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