KFC Food Delivery Customer Care – Online Order Issue, Payment, Delay in Delivery, Return/ Refund Money

KFC India Customer Care Support: KFC delivers fried and crispy chicken, burger, rice bowl, and snacks/ drink via Online App developed by Yum Brands “KFC Online Order and Food Delivery”. In India there are over 350 KFC Restaurants in more than 100 cities. The KFC is very popular for Crispy/ Fried Chicken and Finger Linking.

Contact Call Center of KFC Food Delivery Customer Care support for Order, Chicken Quality, Smell, Payment issue, Delay in Delivery – Retrun/ Refund Money, Grievance Officer for KFC India. Issue on Mobile App of KFC.

KFC in India (Services):

  1. Dine-In
  2. Take Away
  3. Delivery
  4. Drive-Thru
  5. Online Ordering
  6. Outdoor Catering

KFC Food Delivery Customer Care

Article About Customer Support for KFC Orders
Company KFC
Brand Yum Restaurant India Pvt. Ltd
Mobile App Yes (Android and IOS)
Services/ Food
  • Order KFC Online
  • Chicken
  • Burgers
  • Rice Bowlz
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
Feedback  https://feedback.kfc.co.in/

KFC Items (Order Online)

Chicken Burger Snacks
  • Super 6’s
  • Super 6’s Meal
  • 10 pc Leg Piece Bucket & 4 Dips
  • 5 pc Leg Piece Bucket & 2 Dips
  • Mingles Bucket Meal
  • 5 Pc Smoky Red
  • Ultimate Savings Bucket
  • Bucket For Two
  • Big 12
  • Buddy Meal
  • Mixed Zinger Burger Duo
  • Spicy Zinger & Fries Combo
  • Cheesy Chicken Zinger
  • Classic Chicken Zinger & Fries Combo
  • Mixed Zinger Burger Duo
  • Smashing Duo Bucket
  • Mingles Bucket
  • Me Bucket Meal
  • 4 Pc Hot Chicken Wings-Fries & Drink Meal
  • Large Popcorn
  • Solo Bucket
  • Medium Fries
  • 4 Pc Hot & Crispy Chicken
  • Pack of 2 Dips
  • 2 Pc Hot & Crispy Chicken
  • Pack of 4 Dips
  • 2 Pc Smoky Red Chicken
  • 6 Pc Chicken Boneless Strips
  • 1 Pc Smoky Red Chicken
  • 4 pc Hot Chicken Wings
  • 3 Pc Chicken Boneless Strips
  • Medium Popcorn
  • Regular Popcorn

KFC Oder Delivery Online Complaint

Here are some complaints that are submitted by KFC customers. In case you face and issue on Orders at KFC. Please contact the Customer Support of KFC India. or just you can submit online complaint. Our Team will provide assistance. You can check the KFC Food Delivery Customer Care number below.

  1. The quality is not so good.
  2. Issue on the recent oder of KFC
  3. Mobile App is very slow
  4. Payment failed but money is deducted
  5. Not accepting COD order
  6. KFC Outlet/ Restaurant is not in my city
  7. Delay in the order.
  8. App/ website not able to deduct my location
  9. Very slow App of KFC.
  10. Not able to track order/ location of delivery boy
  11. Not able to SignUp/ New account – OTP issue

Note: You need to contact YUM Brand KFC Helpcenter or Submit Online Complaint.

KFC Food Delivery Customer Care

Phone Number 33994444
Email Id [email protected]
Website https://www.yum.com/wps/portal/yumbrands/Yumbrands
Grievance Cell Info
FAQ Section FAQ and Terms of Use

KFC Food Delivery Info

Company Name KFC Food Delivery
Business Info Food Delivery, Fried Chicken, KFC Food, Online Food Order, Dine-Out
Mobile App Andorid App |
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