PNB ONE App Customer Care 24×7 Online Complaint – Not Opening, Hang, User ID, Login Issue, Touch ID

Punjab National Bank Mobile App PNB One Customer Care Online Complaint Helpdesk: PNB India official Mobile App is “PNB ONE” for all your needs & Services offered by Punjab National Bank. The customers of PNB can create USER-ID/ Login using Internet Banking User Name/ Password. PNB One also allows you to create Touch-ID (Fingerprint).

PNB One Helpdesk – Contact PNB Bank Mobile App Customer Care – Not able to create User-ID/ Login Problem, OTP Issue. Punjab National Bank UPI/ Debit Card/ Payment – Loan/ Block Credit Card there is an error processing your request (authentication succeeded)

PNB ONE App Customer Care

Article About Helpdesk, Call CEnter for PNB One App Complaint
Bank Punjab National Bank
  • UPI
  • Money Transfer
  • Loan
  • Cards – Credit Card/ Debit Card
  • Many more
Mobile App Yes (PNB ONE)

PNB ONE: Register Complaint

In the Complaint Register Management of PNB ONE, you have the following features.

  1. Raise Complaint
  2. Track your request
  3. Request history


After going in the RAISE COMPLAINT >> You have two option to choose

  1. Own Accounts
  2. Other Accounts

Choose as per your requirement to complain.

I have chosen “OWN Accounts”

  1. Select Account Number (from the drop-down list).
  2. Select the Request Type
Service: Using the PNB ONE APP
ATM ATM Card/ PIN Dispatched Related

  • Request  to activate ATM Card
  • Request to issue ATM Card
  • Request to issue ATM PIN
  • Request to make ATM PIN Functional
  • Request to Make ATM functional
  • other requests
ATM Maintenance Related

  • Request to activate SMS on Debits
  • Request to give credit for doubt debit
  • Request to give credit for short cash deposits
  • Request to give credit for undispensed cash from ATM
ATM Related

  • Request to get ATM Room Cleaned.
Advances Agriculture/ Govt. Scheme Loans

  • Request for compromise/ Waiver
  • Request for early disbursement of loans
  • Request to the modify rate of interest
Banking Guarantee/ LC Education Loans
Home Loans
Personal Loans
Vehicle Loans
SME Advances

  • Request related to insurance cover
  • Request to execute SI for PDC/ ECS/ Auto
  • Request to issue Interest Certificate
  • Request to modify erroneous charges
  • Request to modify disputed terms
  • Request to modify rate to interest
  • Request to rectify address/ contact details
  • Request to return original documents
  • Request to sansaction loan under Govt. Schemes
Customer Service Customer Service at Branch

  • Request to an improvement of ambiance
  • Request to make operation single window
  • Request to put adequate staff in branch
Staff Attitude/ Misbehavior

  • Request to investigate fraud
Demat Demate account Related

  • Request for issue of duplicate statements
  • Request for modification of charges
  • Request for registration for of internet/ Phone banking
  • Request for updation of details
  • Request to change demat account
  • Request to change signature
  • Request to change address and contact details
  • Request tp change bank details
  • Request to enter a nomination
  • Request to open/ close/ transfer demat account.
Deposit Deceased Account

  • Request to settle a deceased account
  • Other requests
FD Account

  • Request to accpet 15G/ 15H Forms
  • Request to close/ transfer FD/ RD
  • Request to issue TDS certificate
  • Request to rectify error in TDS on FD
  • Request to rectify in interest on FD
Opening A/C

  • Request to issue passbook
  • Request to open NO FRILL Account
  • Request to open account
  • Request to update Nominee details
Transfer of Accounts

  • Request to transfer FD account
  • Request to transfer SF Account
General Banking Cash Dept.

  • Non-exchange of soiled/ multilated notes
  • Request to accept cash
  • Request to exchange high/ small denomination notes
  • Request to keep coins in branch
Core Banking

  • Request to credit remittance
  • Request to rectify debit entry
  • Request to rectify excessive charges
  • Request to scan signature
  • Request to update passbook
Locker/ Safe Custody

  • Request or replacement of keys
  • Request to break open locker
  • request to close locker
  • Request to accept articles for safe custody
  • Request to allot locker
  • Request to examine tampering of items in locker
  • Request to refund excess rent charges on locker
Operations of Accounts

  • Request for misplaced/ lost cheque
  • Request to dishonor a cheque
  • Request to execute standing inst.
  • Request to issue cheque book
  • Request to record changes in Address
  • Request to send email statement.
Govt. Schemes New Pension Scheme

  • Request to advice details of New Pension Scheme
Other Govt. Business

  • Request to issue copy of challan
  • Request to rectify error in Govt A/c
PPF Account

  • Request to credit PPF Account
  • Request to open PPF Account
  • Request to rectify Interest.
  • Request to transfer PPF account
Pension Account

  • Request for commutation
  • Request for timely credit of pension
  • Request to add revised Basic and DA
  • Request to issue Arrear statement
  • Request to pay arrears
  • Request to pay disability pension
  • Request to pay revised pension
  • Request to record Life Certificate
  • Request to provide 16A Form
  • Request to transfer Pension Account
Senior Citizen Account

  • Request to Open Senior Citizen Account
  • Request to record 15G/ H for TDS
  • Request to rectify account details
  • Request to rectify passbook entries
  • Request to rectify error in interest paid
  • Request to update nomination details
NRI Services NRI Services

  • Request for Debit Card/ Internet Banking
  • Rectification in TDS
  • Request for Registration of mobile phone number
  • Request to allow POA to operate Account
  • Request to credit inward remittances
  • Request to issue ATM Card and PIN
  • Request to open NRE/ NRO Account
  • Request to sanction loan
Remittance Remittance: DD/ IOI

  • Request to honor error in draft
  • Request to issue DD
  • Request to issue duplicate draft
Remittance: NEFT

  • Request to credit beneficiary
  • Request to examine and rectify the amount
  • Request to pay interest on delayed payment
  • Request to rectify beneficiary details
  • Request to rectify charges
Remittance: RTGS

  • Request for interest on delayed payments
Technology Internet Banking

  • Activate SMS Alert
  • Add beneficiary
  • Transaction rights
  • Issue User ID and Password
  • Make user-id functional
  • Map account with Internet Banking
  • Request to process online requests
Mobile Banking

  • Request for interbank transfer
PG Related

  • Request to credit double debit
POS Related

  • Request to credit dobule through POS
  • Request to examine the amount debited twice

Support/ Customer Care – PNB ONE UPI App

Register Complaints: PNB ONE App
ATM ATM Card/ PIN Dispatched Related

  • ATM Card received but ATM PIN not received
  • ATM Card recieved but not working
  • ATM PIN Received but not working
  • ATM Uptime
  • ATM non functional
  • ATM is out of order/ without cash
  • Debit Card not activated
  • Duplicate PIN not received
  • Entry a
ATM Maintenance Related

  • AC not working
  • ATM room not clean
  • ATM giving electric shock
  • Card no accepting
  • Cash not dispensing
  • Door Jam/ Damaged or no door
  • Fake currency
  • Monitor blank
  • No Power
  • Other Complaints
  • Solid/ cut notes
ATM Related

  • ATM receipt not generated
  • Amount Cash shortage
  • Amount debited but cash not dispensed.
  • Amount debited twice
  • Debit in A/c without swiping the card
  • other complaints
  • SMS not received for a transaction.


Advances Agriculture/ Govt Scheme Loans

  • Compromise/ Waiver request not considered
  • Death claims
  • Delay in disbursement
  • EMI/ Interest related issue
  • NOC
  • Other Complaints
  • Non-Sanction of loans
Education Loans
Home Loans
Vehicle Loans
Education Loans
Personal Loans

  • Demand for collateral security
  • False charges
  • Error in Rate of Interest
  • Delay in sanctioning
  • Insurance not covered
Recovery Agents

  • Alleged Bribery
  • Harassment/ Mis Behavior
  • Other Complaint

PNB ONE Complaints/ Customer Support

Following are the problem in the PNB ONE App as per the user reviews on Google Play Store.

(a) Sign in USER ID, Transaction ID, MPIN is not created – session timeout. Login again.
(b) PNB ONE App is not opening, Slow loading
(c)  Error your session has been expired
(d) User details are not fetched.
(f) Bill payment issue – the amount is not credited
(g) Recharge issue – DTH/ Mobile is not recharged.
(h) Very slow. No PPF, No RD, No Debit/ Credit card hot listing
(i) shows 0 (zero) balance in the account
(j) Showing error while transaction.

Note: Submit online complaint/ Contact PNB ONE Customer Care Helpdesk.


PNB ONE App Customer Care

Phone Number 18001802222, 18001802223
Email Id [email protected], [email protected]
Grievance Cell Info CUSTOMERS are requested to send Email to the respective Email Ids in case of any grievances related to amalgamation of the bank.
Agra [email protected]
Ahmedabad [email protected]
Amritsar [email protected]
Bhopal [email protected]
Bhubaneshwar [email protected]
Chandigarh [email protected]
Chennai [email protected]
Dehradun [email protected]
Delhi [email protected]
Durgapur [email protected]
Gurugram [email protected]
Guwahati [email protected]
Hyderabad [email protected]
Jaipur [email protected]
Jodhpur [email protected]
Kolkata [email protected]
Lucknow [email protected]
Ludhiana [email protected]
Meerut [email protected]
Mumbai [email protected]
Patna [email protected]
Raipur [email protected]
Shimla [email protected]
Varanasi [email protected]

FAQ Section FAQ and Terms of Use
Address Plot No 4,
Sector -10 Dwarka
New Delhi -110075

PNB ONE App Info

Company Name PNB ONE App
Business Info Mobile App, PNB One App, Customer Care, Loan, UPI, Punjab National Bank, PNB ONE App Customer Care
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