Google Tez Shots: Share your All India Ranking, Discussion

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    Sarkari Mama

    Google Pay (UPI App) has launched new game called “Google Tez Shots” Its like playing cricket and scoring runs. The best part is that you can get scratch card reward of worth Rs 3300/-

    You have already joined the game “Google Tez Shots”. Let the world know your ALL INDIA RANKING. Join here, share a screenshot of GAME. and Play more to improve All India Ranking. Also, the list of top Rankers in Tez Shots is available in due time.

    Milestone – Google Tez Shots & Rewards

    Total Score (Runs) Locked Scratch Card
    100 Worth up to Rs 50
    500 Worth up to Rs 150
    1000 Worth up to Rs 200
    2000 Worth up to Rs 1000
    3000 Worth up to Rs 2000

    Share your “All India Ranking” – Best Wishes.

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    1. Overall ranking 542116
    2. Highest score 111
    3. Total score 542116
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      1. Highest score 111
      2. Total score 3489
      3. All India Ranking 542116
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    Shrawan marwadi

    I have 496 rank high score 1997 total score 8838

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