Payment of Topride is not getting

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    Hello Sir, मैंने TOPRIDE में 2 ID लगायी थी| लेकिन इसमें पैसे नि मिल रहे| कृपया में पैसा वापस कर दो |

    3 महीने से पैसा नि मिल रहा|
    Help me.
    Raghu Dixit

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    Vikash Dhankar

    Hello Raghu.,
    You can contact top ride customer services with REF SM-May-626 . You will get response and help .

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    Sarkari Mama

    Hello Raghu,
    The issue has been send to TopRide. Also, you must contact the customer care support so that your problem can be escalated with higher authority.
    Good Luck

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