Ajit Pawar New Party Name – Maharashtra Ajit Pawar Party & Members

23rd November 2019 will be remembered as the major politics game change game. Before 23rd Nov, Shiv Sena + NCP + Congress political parties were about to form Maharashtra State Government. Suddenly on the 23rd Morning at 8 AM, Devendra Fadnavis has taken oath as Cheif Minister and Ajit Pawar has taken as Deputy Chief Minister position. As we know the in Sharad Pawar (Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)) party has won 54 seats in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. Now, we have to understand that if Deputy CM Ajit Pawar and his supported members will have to leave the NCP Party. Now, they have to form a new Political Party.

Latest News: Ajit Pawar has resigned from Deputy Chief Minister post on 26 November 2019. Now, there is news that Ajit Pawar can start his own Party. The Senior Party Member of NCP are still contacting and meeting Ajeet Pawar to Join the NCP Again.

Update: 9:05 PM, Ajit Pawar is on the way to meet Sharad Pawar.

Ajit Anantrao Pawar is the 9th Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra and an MLA from the Baramati constituency of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly politician in Maharashtra. He is the nephew of Sharad Pawar, the chief of the Nationalist Congress Party.

At present only 9 MLA names are out who are with the Ajit Pawar. But as per sources, Ajit Pawar has more than 36 MLA Support. This is the list of 9 NCP MLA that will fly to Delhi via the Private (Reliance Transport & Travels Pvt. Ltd.).

Ajit Pawar New Party Name

Now, the question is what will be the name of the new political party of Ajit Pawar and Dhananjay Munde Party. After the divide in NCP, the Ajit Pawar has to form a new political party.

Name of Old Political Party Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)
New Political Party
Members 30+ (As per sources)
Headquarter Mumbai
Website Will be available soon.

The name of the new party of Ajit Pawar will be available in the coming days. Now, BJP and Ajit Pawar has to show the floor test (MLA) that are supporting the newly formed Govt.

List of Members with Ajit Pawar New Party

S.No Name of Person
1. Daulat Daroda
2. Narhari Zirwar
3. Sunil Bhusara
4. Dilip Bankar
5. Anil Bhaidas Patil
6. Nitin Pawar
7. Sunil Shelke
8. Babashaheb Patil
9. Sanjay Banson

The list will be modified/ updated.

The List of Members are not available.

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