COVID-19 Outbreak: Is India is ready for next 3 weeks? Are you

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Statistics: Let me straight here, Govt. of India is doing all efforts to keep Coronavirus as low as possible. The advisory is also given to the State Health Departments to stop/ screeing the people who have traveled to Coronavirus effected countries including China, South Korea, US, UK, Italy, UAE, Iran, Iraq etc.

Till today (16 March 2020), total 119 cases are confirmed +ve Coronavirus. Now, its upon us, how to stop it spreading. Let me given you below statistic. That show, why the next 3 weeks are very important for India and ultimately “Us” to stop spreading the COVID-19.

Corona Virus Cases.

New York
Week 1: 2
Week 2: 105
Week 3: 613

Week 1 – 12
Week 2 – 191
Week 3 – 653
Week 4 – 4499

Week 1 – 2
Week 2 – 43
Week 3 – 245
Week 4 – 4747
Week 5 – 12729

Week 1 – 3
Week 2 – 152
Week 3 – 1036
Week 4 – 6362
Week 5 – 21157

Week 1 – 8
Week 3 – 674
Week 4 – 6043


Week 1 – 3
Week 2 – 24
Week 3 – 105


Week 1 – 1
Week 2: 28
Week 3: 120

corona virus cases India

Next two weeks are crucial for India.

If we take adequate precaution and break the chain then we can tide the Corona virus Outbreak else we have a big problem in hand especially for the elderly population

So far so good. India has done well so far in its fight to contain Corona Virus. Now we are in stage 3 in which Virus spreads through social contacts & in social gatherings.

This is most critical stage & number of confirmed cases spread exponentially everyday like what happened in Italy between last week of February & second week of March. From 300 to 10,000.

If India is not able to manage this stage for next 3 to 4 weeks then we could have confirmed cases not in Thousands but in Lakhs. This next one month is crucial. That is why most events & public gatherings have been closed till 15th April.

Just because schools are closed avoid getting that compulsive travel & Holiday bug. Holidays will come next year too why try your luck with Corona specially with children. Marriage functions, Birthday parties etc can wait. Don’t try your luck & that bravado that nothing will happen to me. Next 30 days will be most crucial in medical History of India. Take all precautions while at home & while outside for any important work. Precaution is not panic.

Be a responsible citizen by following & educating others to remain careful for next one month.

The Helpline Number for corona-virus : +91-11-23978046
The Helpline Numbers of States & Union Territories for corona-virus & Testing Centers
The Helpline Email ID for corona-virus : [email protected]

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