COVID-19 Relief: PNB Loan EMI Extension (Apply Online) Interest Charges RBI Moratorium

PNB Loan EMI 3 Months Moratorium Online Apply | Punjab National Bank Loan EMI Postponed due to Coronavirus | Interest Charges on opting Moratorium for 2 Months (April/ May 2020) | COVID-19 COVID-19 PNB 3 Months Loan EMI Extension FAQ | PNB Loan EMI Customer Cares/ Helpcenter & Support – Online Complaint for Interest Charges.

The world is under the attack of Coronavirus (a new Pandemic) which has affected the whole world. As of 6th April 2020, 11:17 AM (IST) 1,274,346 positive cases, 69,480 death has been reported all over the World. Within 3 Months it has spread mostly all over the WORLD.

Due to the early decision of Lockdown, India has managed to lower the COVID-19 Patient, but people linked to Tablighi Jamaat have worsened the condition. Authorities are tracking these people who may be COVID-19 positive.

In the Lockdown for 21 Days, Reserve Bank of India has issued guidelines for Bank to allow 3 months Moratorium on all Terms Loans (Education, Personal Loan, Agriculture, Car Loan, Home Loan, Property Loan, Construction Loan, Business Loan etc), Credit Card due to all customer having such accounts.

In the Moratorium, the person facing a cash crunch, the financial condition can delay their EMI Payment by 3 Months. Most of the Banks have issued notice/ guidelines to the customer to how to opt for EMI Relaxation for 3 months, Interest Rates and Charges etc.

COVID-19 PNB, UBI, OBC 3 Months Loan EMI Extension

Punjab National Bank,  United Bank of India and OBC is now Amalgamation (Merged). All the notification/ guidelines announce by PNB will hold same for the account holders OBC and United Bank of India (UBI).

Types of Loans at PNB:

  1. Housing
  2. Vehicle
  3. Education
  4. Personal
  5. MISC

If you have above or any type of TERM LOAN with PNB you can avail the COVID-19 Loan EMI Moratorium 3 Months Extension.

To apply for the COVID-19 PNB Loan EMI:-

You need to visit the official website and download the application form ” LETTER OF REQUEST FROM THE PARTY FOR AVAILING RELIEF UNDER COVID-19 REGULATORY PACKAGE

You have to fill this application form and submit to your HOME BRANCH. In case, you are away from HOMEBranch, Please contact t the Nearest PNB Branch.

Branch Head,
Punjab National Bank,

Dear Sir/Madam,
Subject: Application for availing relief under COVID-19 Regulatory Package.

With reference to your communication on the captioned subject, we hereby request as

a) In respect of Term Loan bearing Account No……………… being maintained with your branch, a moratorium of 3 months on payment of all installments falling due from March 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020 to be granted. However, we agree that interest shall continue to accrue on the outstanding portion of the term loan during the moratorium period.
b) In respect of Working Capital Facility sanctioned in the form of Cash Credit/Overdraft (CC/OD) bearing Account No……………..maintained with your branch, please defer the recovery of interest applied during the period from March 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020. However, we undertake that accrued interest to be recovered immediately after the completion of this period. We undertake to provide the necessary information, data, documents etc. as may be required.

Thanking you,
Authorized Signatory


PNB Loan EMI Interest Charges (If you avail Moratorium)

If you are availing the RBI Moratorium due to Lockdown (COVID-19). You need to understand the interest charges, loan duration extension and other penalties (if applicable). Here we are sharing the complete details with an example:-

Here is the example:- (HOME LOAN)

Total Loan Amount Rs 50 Lakh at 8.5 Interest Rate for 10 years
So Monthly EMI (approx) Rs 62,000
COVID-19 – After availing Loan EMI Moratorium 
Outstanding Principal Amount Rs 50 Lakh (If you have not even paid 1 EMI).
Interest Rates 8.5%/12 = Rs. 35,000
Availing for March 2020 Total Outstanding in April: Rs. 50,35,000.
Availing for April 2020 Total Outstanding in May: Rs. 50.71 lakh
Availing for May 2020 Total Outstanding in June: Rs. 51.07 lakh

Note: If you have any doubts. Please let us know via Comment.

The repayment schedule for such loans as also the residual tenor, will be shifted across the board by three months after the moratorium period. Interest shall continue to accrue on the outstanding portion of the term loans during the moratorium period.

PNB Loan EMI Moratorium FAQ
PNB Loan EMI Moratorium Application Form Download

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