Dream11 USA-W vs KEN-W Women Volleyball Prediction – Dream11 FIVB Starters

Dream11 USA vs Kenya Volleyball Team | Prediction Dream11 USA-W vs KEN-W Volleyball 15 Sept 2019 | Live Stream Dream11 FIVB Volleyball Match | Watch Women Volleyball World Cup in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka | Dream11 USA vs KEN Women Volleyball Team 1.

Dream11 is very excited to start Volleyball Fantasy Leagues. All the Dream11 members can participate and join the Volleyball Contest.

What you have to do:

  1. Update the Dream11 App (Official App) only from the Dream11.com
  2. You will not able to see the Volleyball in the Dream11.com (Soon it will be updated).

We’re excited to announce that we have introduced Fantasy Volleyball to the Dream11 roster!

Dream11 USA vs Kenya (Women) Volleyball

The first match of Women Volleyball World Cup 2019 is between United States and Kenya. Before making the best team to win the Dream11 Contest. You have to check out the TEAM SQUAD (STARTERS) for USA and KENYA.

Dream11 – Kenya Women Team

  1. Jane Wacu Wairimu
  2. Ester Kamene Mutinda
  3. Violet Makuto
  4. Leonida Kasaya
  5. Sharon Chepchumba Kiprono
  6. Joy Lusenaka
  7. Janet Wanja
  8. Trizah Atuka
  9. Elizabeth Wanyama
  10. Noel Murambi
  11. Pamela Jepkirui
  12. Gladys Ekaru Emaniman
  13. Carolyne Sirengo
  14. Mercy Moim c
  15. Lorine Chebet Kaei
  16. Agripina Khayesi Kundu
  17. Lincy Jeruto
  18. Emmaculate Chemtai
  19. Edith Mukuvilani
  20. Gaudencia Makokha
  21. Shyrine Jepkemboi
  22. Yvonne Wavinya Kiitha
  23. Nancy Mulonza
  24. Naomie Too

Dream11 – USA Women Team

  1. Micha Hancock
  2. Jordyn Poulter
  3. Rhamat Alhassan
  4. Justine Wong-Orantes
  5. Rachael Adams
  6. Tetori Dixon
  7. Lauren Carlini
  8. Madison Kingdon Rishel
  9. Jordan Larson c
  10. Andrea Drews
  11. Jordan Thompson
  12. Sarah Wilhite
  13. Michelle Bartsch-Hackley
  14. Kimberly Hill
  15. Megan Courtney
  16. Mikaela Foecke
  17. Hannah Tapp
  18. Haleigh Washington
  19. Kelsey Robinson
  20. Chiaka Ogbogu
  21. Karsta Lowe
  22. Krystal Rivers
  23. Danielle Cuttino
  24. Samantha Seliger-Swenson
  25. Jenna Rosenthal

Dream11 USA vs KEN Team

Mega Contest of RS 2 Lakh

LIB (Libero) – You have to choose only 1
SET (Setter) – You can choose 1 – 2 Setter
BLK (Blocker) – You can choose 1-2 Blocker
ATT (Attacker) – You can choose 1-2 Attacker
UNI (Universal) – You can choose 1-2 Universal

Dream11 USA-W vs KEN-W (Team1)

dream11 USA-W vs KEN-W Team 1

We have chosen Captain and Vice Captain from Universal Position Players.

Dream11 – USA vs KEN  (Team 2)

dream11 USA-W vs KEN-W Team 2

Dream11 – USA vs KEN  (Team 3)

dream11 USA-W vs KEN-W Team 3

Note: You can also share you team below. Wish you win the Dream11 Contest.

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