{FAU-G Map Revealed} FAUG Game Battle Ground, Guns, Characters

Its Final, that Indian Gaming Company nCore Games is developing FAU-G “Fearless And United-Guards” for the Indian PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, Fortnite gamers. As per the Developers, FAU-G is created in view of India Gamers Choices & Interests. As per latest development, Initially, the beta version of FAU-J/ FAU-G App will be available for Android, iOS smartphone only for testing the user experience getting feedback from players to enhance the game more easily and effectively. As per the rumors, the FAU-G Map, Weapons, Characters (Avatar) Male & Female Photos has been revealed on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube.

Get ready to watch official video trailer of FAU-G on Youtube Channel of nCoreGames in coming days. We are going to provide the link on this page.

After the Ban on PUBG Mobile App, the Indian Players were searching for the Alternative Gaming App similar and better than PUBG. There were some Similar Apps i.e. Call of Duty, Free Fire, Fortnite. But the Users are not happy with these games.

As per the Prime Minister Mission of AatmaNirbhar Bharat, the nCoreGames, Bangalore has decided to develop the FAU-G App. That will be dedicated to Indian Soldiers and 20% of earnings will be donated to BharatKeVeer funds.

Main Features of FAU-G Game

Map: There will be 10 different Maps to choose from. Basically, the MAP is the Battle Ground and different players like different maps. So, the nCore Games will develop 10+ Maps. These Maps will be of Indian Geography and Names. (Himalayan Reason, Rajasthan Jaiselmer Desert, Kerala, Urban Delhi/ Mumbai, Beach of Goa, Arunachal Pradesh Terrains, Uttara Khand Mt. Kailash, etc. )

Article About FAUG Map, Weapons, Battle Grounds,  Characters
Developers nCoreGames, Bangalore, India
Game Name Fearless And United-Guards
Developed  100% Indian Developer
Investment No Chinese Investment Involved.
Earning Ratio 20% Earning from App will donate to BharatKeVeer Funds
App Version v1.0.1
Beta FAUG App Launch October 15, 2020
Support Android, iOS & Windows
Official website https://www.ncoregames.com/
Download FAU-J App .APK | Android | iOS | Windows PC
Complete Details Check Here

Characters: The FAU-G game will have both Male and Female Characters (Avatars). They will resemble Indian Ethnic Groups i.e. Rajputs, Jats, Marathas, Gorkhas, Bengalis, Tamil, Sikhs etc.) with their Ethenic wear.

faug character

Weapons: As the game is all about survival, skills, and Shootings. Weapons play a key role in fighting Zoombie/ Emmy, Terrorists. Here are few Weapons, Guns, Knife, Bomb, etc. Here is the list of all GUNS, Rifles, Shotgun in FAU-G Game.

Choosing the GUN depends on your Drop Location.

  • Assault Rifles: AKM. The AKM fires 7.62mm round
  • Assault Rifles: M416
  • Groza
  • Shotguns: S12K.
  • MP40
  • M79
  • Shotguns: S1897
  • AK
  • Sniper rifles: AWM
  • Sniper rifles: Kar98K
  • DMR: M14 EBR
  • DMR: SKS

As per PUBG Weapon List & Damage

FAU-G Game Weapons```


Screenshots of FAU-G Game

Some users are sharing Pics saying that this is the first look of FAU-G Game. Here, we are providing that image.

FAUG First Look.jpg

faug battleground

FAU-G Map (India, Pakistan, J&K)

Is the Pakistan, Indian Map will be there in FAUG Game? There is no clue of that. But we are sure that nCoreGame will choose Map of Indian Territory because of Indian Gamers Choice is to play in Indian Map. Some games are asking to add the Jammu and Kashmir to battle Terrorist supported by Pakistan.

faug map 1

faug map 1

faug map 3

fau g map 4

Note: These Maps are not provided by nCore Games. For the actual Maps, we have to wait till the Promo/ Trailer of FAU-G is released by Company.

FAU-G Poster – First Look of Game

FAU-J Poster1

FAU-J Youtube Trailer

The FAU-G Mobile Game official trailer to be released before 15 October 2020 by nCore Games Studio Channel. The Indian Gamers (FAN of PUBG, COD, FreeFire) are waiting for the game to be released soon. The dates are not yet final, but you will get Beta Version 1.0.1 FAUG (apk and Play Store) by end of October 2020.

What will be there in FAU-G Game?
The best part of FAUG is that it is 100% developed in India and China is not involved in this. The game is designed and developed keeping Indian Gamers requirements. The Maps, Weapons, Characters, Drop Points are to be Indian Style.

The highlight of the Official Trailer FAUG

  1. Graphics
  2. Maps (Indian Places)
  3. Characters (Indian)
  4. Weapons (Mostly Indian and some are Russian, France, Germany and the US)
  5. Trucks, Car and Bikes – Indian
  6. Royal Pass
  7. Add friends in Game
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