FIBA World Cup: POL V CZE 12 Sept. 2019 Playing 8 Starters Basketball FIBA World Cup

Dream11 Fantasy App has started Basketball Fantasy Contest in September 2019 onwards. The Final Phase is live @Dongguan Sport Stadium. There will be two matches today.

  1. Serbia vs  United States
  2. Poland vs Czech Republic

Before this match Czech Republic has 70 total points where as Poland has 78 points.

The FIFA Basketball World Cup POL VS CZE will begun on 12 September 2019 1830 hrs onward (IST +5:30) The Live Telecast can will begin 30 minutes before the match starts.

Playing 8 – POL vs CZE FIBA 12 September 2019

If you are new to dream11 fantasy basketball league. Kindly do read the point system.

  • PG – Point Guard
  • SG – Shooting Guard
  • SF – Small Forward
  • PF – Power Forward
  • C – Center

Here’s how your team earns points.

Points Scored: 1
Rebounds: 1.2
Assists: 1.5
Steals: 3
Blocks: 3
Turn Overs: -1

Match details: FIFA POL vs CZE

FIBA World Cup: Poland v Czech Republic
Venue: Shanghai Oriental Sports Center, Shanghai, China
Date: Thursday, 12 September 2019
Time: 06:30 p.m (IST)

Playing 16 Players (Staters)

Poland: Aaron Cel, A.J. Slaughter, Mateusz Ponitka, Adam Waczynski, Adam Hrycaniuk
Czech Republic: Tomas Satoransky, Tomas Vyoral, Vojtech Hruban, Jaromir Bohacik, Martin Kriz

Best Point Guard

  • Poland: A. J. Slaughter
  • Czech Republic: Tomas Satoransky

Best Shooting Guard

  • Poland: Mateusz Ponitka
  • Czech Republic: J Bohacik

Best Small Forward

  • Poland: P Pumparia, Adam Waczynski
  • Czech Republic: V Hruban

Best Power Forward

  • Poland: D Kulig
  • Czech Republic: P Auda, M Peterka

Best Center

  • Poland: Adam Hrycaniuk
  • Czech Republic: O Balvin

POL vs CZE – Dream11 Team

Here is our Dream11 Fantasy FIBA Pol vs CZE 12th September 2019 Team and Star Player.

Dream11 Pol vs CZE : Point Guard

Poland: A. J. Slaughter
Czech Republic: Tomas Satoransky

Dream11 Pol vs CZE : Shooting Guard

For the Shooting Guard, we will only choose one player that is of

  • Czech Republic: J Bohacik

Dream11 Pol vs CZE : Small Forward

  • Poland: P Pumparia
  • Czech Republic: V Hruban

Dream11 Pol vs CZE :Power Forward

  • Poland: D Kulig
  • Czech Republic: M Peterka

Dream11 Pol vs CZE :Center

  • Czech Republic: O Balvin

dream11 cze vs poland 12 sept team

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