JNU is Burning with Anti National Slogan – Who is responsible !! – CCTV & Real Footage

Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi  (JNU) is now all over news due to the riot that has happened yesterday evening at the Registration Desk of Students. In the video uploaded on Twitter and other social media accounts, the students (LEFTist and ABVP) are clearly seen in a fight. After some time, the group of 60 to 70 masked people has come into the Campus with Sticks and Hockey that has escalated this issue.

Those trending #ABVP_TERRORISTS must watch how #LeftistGoons of JNU stopped students from registering in winter semester & snatched mobile of person recording. Leftist Are Terrorists!

Security Guard at JNU

A FAKE NARRATIVE is being tried to be created against ABVP by Leftist Goоns of JNU. #JNU Security guards describe how Leftists attacked them & ABVP Activists. They did not even spare Lady Security Guards #JNUattack #JNUProtests #LeftAttacksJNU #ShutDownJNU #JNUHorro #JNUViolence


Tukde Tukde gang instigates violence if that doesn’t happen they force innocents to go through it! Is law&judicial gone blind in this country?Is provoking violence doesn’t mean anything here? Until u arrest these idiots & put a case nothing will change! #ShutDownJNU #JNUViolence

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