NEET-UG EWS 10% Quota Reservation Rules 2019

Govt of India new reservation rules in “Govt Jobs and Admission” was announced in January 2019. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has sent letter to all MBBS/ BDS colleges in India to increase of MBBS seats to implement EWS quota. According the the letter, total 25% MBBS seats will be increased for the session 2019-2020. This will increase number of MBBS seats in MCC 15% AIQ Quota and 85% State Quota.

Top Stories:

  • 50 seats वाला college चाहे तो 100 तक
  • 100 seats वाला 150 तक
  • 150 seats वाला 200 तक seats बढ़ाने का आवेदन दे सकता है।
  • For colleges with an intake of 50, 25% increment would result in 63 seats. However, the college can make a request for 75 or 100 seats.
  • For colleges with an intake of 100, 25% increment would result in 125 seats. However, the college can make a request for 150 seats.
  • For colleges with an intake of 150, 25% increment would result in 187 seats. However, the college can make a request for 200 seats.

medical council of india

MCI Letter – EWS 10% Quota

Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary in-charge of Medical Education Department,
All the States/ UTs
Sub.:   Extension of last date for receiving application for increase of MBBS seats to implement EWS quota.


Please refer to earlier communication even letter dated 18.04.2019 about submission of application for implementing 10% EWS quota for undergraduate seats in medical colleges in your State/UTs.

Medical Council of India vide letter dated 20.05.2019 had extended the last date of submission of the application till 07.06.2019. However, it is observed that MCI is receiving requests for some more clarification from most of the States regarding the scheme of increase of seats under EWS quota.

In this regard, please find enclosed herewith a “Guidance Note” about process to be followed along with the prescribed proforma as annexe for submission of application to MCI at the earliest. The last date of submission is again extended to 11.06.2019 so that all the intending States/UTs may avail this opportunity for providing benefit of 10% EWS quota for students of their States/UTs.

Please treat this as urgent and feel free to ask further clarification if any, sending your query to [email protected].


For 10% increase in seats for EWS quota, following are the guidelines to facilitate its implementation:

  • The MCI would increase the seats for implementing 10% EWS quota.
  • This increase in seats would not entail any corresponding increase in infrastructure or faculty right now. Periodical assessment would be done at stage of 1st Renewal, 4th renewal and recognition stage. The periodical assessments at 1st & 4th renewal would be advisory in nature till the stage of recognition inspection.
  • In order to implement the 10% EWS reservation quota, the increase in seats has to be effectively 25% of the current intake to ensure that the existing number of general and other quota seats are not affected. Thus a college with current intake of 100 seats would need to add 25% additional seats i.e.
  • The calculation of seat increase has to be made taking into consideration the total intake of students at the “State” level considering all the seats / institution where the Government reservation policy is applicable and is being implemented.
  • The overall increase is to be calculated on basis of 2019-20 approved / permitted seats and will can be implemented over a two year period i.e. 2019-20 & 2020-21.
  • In the first phase the increase will be applicable only in colleges with approved / permitted intake of 200 or less.
  • The increase in seats matrix would be as below:
Intake 25% increase The applicable MSR at the stage of recognition
50 62 50
100 125 150
150 187 200
200 250 250
  • The Consent for increase in seats applicable will be received from the State Governments to the MCI latest by 11.06.2019, so that the MCC can be informed by 15.06.2019 for inclusion of the increased seats for counseling during the current admission year 2019-20.
  • The format for providing the said information is provided in Annexure-I. The State has to first calculate the additional seats that are required for implementing the 10% EWS quota and then using the format and matrix provided in Annexure-I, ascertain the colleges where the increased seats are required and indicate the same while submitting the request to the MCI. The MO will not grant more seats than the amount calculated for implementing 10% EWs quota, even if, the State has more capacity for intake.
  • The State Govt, who have already submitted the proposal for increase in seats may resubmit the same, in case they so desire, taking the above scheme for increase in seats as per the proposal.
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