NEET-UG 2020 Question Paper Language & Exam Centers/ States

NEET-UG 2020 Question Paper Language/ Centers: In the Information Bulletin of NEET-UG 2020, the choice of exam center and language of question paper can be chosen at the time of NTA NEET 2020 Registration. But you have to check the association between NEET “Question Paper Language” Regional Language and “Exam Centers“. Here, we are providing the list of exam centers and the choices you have to choose “NEET-UG 2020 question paper language”.

The language of the Question Papers, Candidates can opt for Question Paper, Vernacular languages in either of the following languages

  1. Hindi
  2. English
  3. Assamese
  4. Bengali
  5. Gujarati
  6. Kannada
  7. Marathi
  8. Oriya
  9. Tamil
  10. Telugu
  11. Urdu

According to the language of question paper, you have to choose 4 exam centers which are associated as per the table given below. Any exam center outside the associated question paper and exam state, it will be rejected and you have to choose new exam center.

  • Option of medium of Question Paper should be exercised while filling in the application form and the option once exercised by candidates cannot be changed later.
  • The candidates opting for English would be provided Test Booklet in English only.
  • The candidates opting for Hindi would be provided Bilingual Test Booklet i.e. in Hindi and in English.
  • The candidates opting for regional languages would be provided Bilingual Test Booklet i.e. in selected regional language and in English.
  • In case of any ambiguity in translation of any of the questions, its English version shall be treated as final.

The option of Vernacular languages will only be available as per the following details:

S.No. Medium of Question Paper Examination Centres
1. English and Hindi Medium All Examination Centre Cities
2. English & Assamese Examination Centre Cities in Assam
3. English & Bengali Examination Centre Cities in West Bengal and Tripura
4. English & Gujarati Examination Centre Cities in Gujarat, Daman, Dadra & Nagar Haveli
5. English & Kannada Examination Centre Cities in Karnataka
6. English & Marathi Examination Centre Cities in Maharashtra
7. English & Oriya Examination Centre Cities in Odisha
8. English & Tamil Examination Centre Cities in Tamil Nadu
9. English & Telugu Examination Centre Cities in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana
10. English & Urdu All Examination Centre Cities

Note: Kindly read page no 9 of NTA NEET Information Bulletin to understand it more.

Download NEET-UG 2020Information Brochure

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