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NRC Online Form: National Register of Citizens (NRC) was first implemented in the 1951 Census. The NRC Final List was also prepared. Assam was the first state in 2015, that NRC registration was started. On 31 August 2019 Final NRC Draft of Assam State was uploaded. There were many political leaders including Congress, TMC, AIMIM, CPM, CPI(M) has opposed the NRC. On 20th November 2019, in Rajya Sabha Minister of Home Affairs Hon’ble Amit Shah announced that NRC will be applicable in India. Also, Re- NRC will be done in Assam. Here, is providing the following information:

  1. NRC Online Registration
  2. NRC Record Check Online
  3. NRC Record Update Online
  4. NRC State Wise Websites
  5. NRC Seva Kendra List (Near Me)
  6. NRC Application Form Status
  7. NRC Records Update
  8. NRC – List of documents required
  9. NRC – Which members have to submit NRC Form in 2020-2021.
  10. NRC Application Process/ Flow Chart.

NRC records process in the state is done after the Central Govt. of India issue notification to State. Registrar General of India who functions as General of Citizen Registration under Rule 15 of Citizenship Rules, 2003 as amended in 2009 and 2010.

NRC Online Form – How to Fill

Online registration & application cum submission of NRC form is very easy. First of all, you must know that NRC is implemented STATE WISE i.e. Bihar NRC, Uttar Pradesh NRC, etc. So, If you are a resident of UP State, then you have to Fill the Online NRC form for Uttar Pradesh State.

Here, check the start date of NRC Online Form State Wise. We will guide you to & resolve your query/ question. The Discussion Forum for NRC will surely help you in case you have doubts.

Govt. of India NRC Official Notification will be released and then the State General of Citizen Registration will announce. Online NRC Search/ Form/ Portal. The National Informatics Centers (NIC) has developed the website. Links to apply NRC Online Form is available below.

NRC Flowchart: NRC Records & Registration

The entire process of NRC consists of following phasesLegacy Data Publication Phase >> Application Form Distribution & Receipt Phase >> Verification Phase >>  Part Draft NRC Publication >> Complete NRC Draft Publication & Receipt of Claims & Objections Phase >> Final NRC Publication.

There are three ways to NRC:


  1. Via Polling Station
  2. Via NRC Seva Kendra
    1. House to house distribution of NRC Application Form
    2. Sensitization on filling up
    3. Application FormReceipt at NSK (NRC Seva Kendra)
    4. Application FormReceipt Online
  3. Via NRC Website
    1. Download Online Application Form


If you are applying from Polling Station, then there is no need of STEP 2. This is only for the Citizen applying through NRC Seva Kendra or NRC Website.

  1. NRC Seva Kendra or Via NRC Portal
    1. Giving out scanned application Form and acknowledgment

Note: In step 2, the Citizen will get online filled or prescribed application form copy. Keep it safe with you.

The below steps are not for CITIZEN, but we are providing these just to make you understand how GOVT. will check NRC Records, Verify Online with the details you have provided to Polling Station/ Seva Kendra or via Online Website.


Transfer of encrypted data as well as hard copies to CRCR (Certified Revenue Cycle Representative) & to SIDEC (SystemIntegratorData EntryCenter) for digitization.

Validation of documents:

  •  For Legacy Data with DLDD database
  • Other admissible documents with issuing authority

The verification of NRC Documents are done in two methods:

  1. Document Verication
  2. Field Verication by Verification Team (VT) by visiting home.

STEP 4: After the verification step is completed, the following process is followed

  • CRCR to DRCR or rejection and further clarification VT findings
  • NRC date is sent to DC Office
  • DRCR to SCNR – verified ed and validated data for draft publication

STEP 5: Your details are sent from State Office >>> DC Office >>> Draft NRC

STEP 6: Receipt & disposal of claim & objection

STEP 7: NRC Seva Kendra >> Circle Office >> DC Office.

STEP 8: State Office >> DC Office

STEP 9: Publication of Final NRC

These 9 steps are carried out by the officials to draft the final registry of NRC. After the Final NRC is done, you can search your NRC Records Online, Verify. If you have any issue in records, you can call the NRC Customer Care/ Service Team.

State Wise: NRC Online Form 2020

National Register of Citizens is the process that will be implemented in all 28 States and 9 Union Territories (UT) that will start from May 2020 as per the Amit Shah speech in Rajya Sabha.

After the online NRC Registration Form starts, the head of the family member, they have to fill NRC Application Form for self and all the members of a family including those who may not be presently residing in State or, may be residing in any other state of the country or outside the country.

  1. In case, the head of family is absent, any other adult member in the family can apply.
  2. In the case, of the minor or disabled person, the head of the family or the natural guardian/ legal guardian may apply on behalf of such persons.

Govt. of India State & NRC Records, Application Form

State NRC Online Form Start of NRC Registration
Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh
Assam NRC Final List
New – NRC Update will announce soon !!
Himachal Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal

Union Territory & NRC Records, Application Form

Union Territory NRC Online Form Start of NRC Registration
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu
Jammu and Kashmir

List of Documents Required

Linkage or Legacy Documents: To establish eligibility for inclusion in updated NRC, the linkage will have to be established with the ancestor appearing in the Legacy Data/other Admissible Documents.

Documents: (Essential)

Any one of the below certificates is valid to show your linkage or legacy (Required for NRC)

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Land Document,
  3. PAN Card
  4. Board/University Certificate etc.

List A: Documents

  1. 1951 NRC
  2. Electoral roll(s) up to 24 March (midnight), 1971
  3. Land and tenancy records
  4. Citizenship certificate
  5. Permanent residential certificate
  6. Refugee registration certificate
  7. Any government-issued license/certificate
  8. Government service/ employment certificate
  9. Bank or post office accounts
  10. Birth certificate
  11. State educational board or university educational certificate
  12. Court records/processes
  13. Passport
  14. Any LIC policy

List B: Legacy/ Linking Document

Establish their link with their father/grandfather by furnishing one more document to be picked from the below documents.

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Land document
  3. Board/ University certificate
  4. Bank/LIC/post office records
  5. Circle officer/gaon panchayat secretary certificate in case of married women
  6. Electoral roll
  7. Ration card
  8. Any other legally acceptable document

Not having above documents:

In case you are not having the documents listed above, then also you have to follow the STEP 1/ 2/ 3 after that a Verification Team (VT) will check & establish your legacy check. You have to prove your linkage or legacy of ancestors.

If your AGE or NAME is wrong in Documents. Don’t worry >> There are many other methods to verify. Affidavits if submitted will be received but corrections mentioned therein would be effected only after satisfactory verification of its particulars by verifying officials.

Women married to another place

If you are woman and you have been married to another place and have no documents that they could pick from list B to establish their family link, two documents were to be allowed to them:-

  • Village Panchayat Certificate or Circle Officer:-Furnish document by a woman migrating after marriage. It need not be on or before the 1971 date
  • A ration card issued on or before 1971

Legacy Data Search – NRC Records

As the NRC Implemented in State, the Citizen of India can search their Father/ Grandfathers or great-grandfather in the 1951 NRC Census. The Registrar of Citizen (State Wise) will issue an online portal. Where the individual can search for NRC Records. If there is a mistake in NAME or AGE you don’t have to worry. You just need to submit/ sign the affidavit to the Verification Team of NRC.

Download NRC Voter List 1951, 1966, 1971

In the website, the Citizen can search FATHERS VOTER Details, Grandfathers Voters ID/ List Online. For the National Register Citizens (NRC) it is important to show the linkage from your Grande Fathers/ Ancestors Grandfather etc.

The Volter List is updated every time before the Lok Sabha Election/ Panchayat Election or State Legislative election. In the NRC, the Voter Id is one of the important documents you can show.

NRC Customer Care/ Grievance Cell

In case, the Citizen is facing issue in online application or submission of NRC form. You need to contact the NRC Helpcenter. Customer Care will ask some basic question and then they will guide you & resolve your issue. The following are the major problem & issues that you might face.

  1. Legacy Data Related
  2. NRC Seva Kendra Related
  3. Application Form Related
  4. Verification Related
  5. Online Application Form Related
  6. Star ID Related
  7. Ack ID Related
  8. Draft NRC related

Note: NRC is important, you have to follow the timeline (Important dates) announce by State NRC officials. ( or is not official website)

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