Is it double Toll Payment – Penalty for No FASTag from 1 Dec 2019

Ministry of Road Transport and Highway has given orders to all Toll Plaza to activate all FASTag Lane only. FASTag is a fast and reliable service that fulfills electric toll collection (ETC) without paying CASH for the Toll Amount. The Toll is deducted from an account linked to FASTag Tag. Now, You may have heard that from 1 December 2019. But today Nitin Gadkari Said that there is no penalty for not having FASTag but you should not use the FASTag Lane otherwise you need to pay double toll amount.

ndian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL) is the Brand Owner of “FASTag”. The NECT FASTag is developed by NCPI at the National Highways Toll Plaza. Currently, more than 500 Toll Plaza are accepting Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) FASTag all over India.

Penalty for not having FASTag

We have checked all websites (Govt, NPCI, NHAI, IHMCL) for the official notice, press release that from 1 December 2019 onwards it is mandatory to have FASTag on your CAR/ Vehicle. Here is what we have found?

Till 1 December 2019, FASTag Security fee is exempted. Get FASTag Free of Cost. Now, there is not penalty for not having FASTag on your Vehicle. The Government has decided that all the lanes in the National Highway fee plazas shall be declared as ‘FASTag lane of the Fee Plaza’ by 1st of December 2019 except one lane on either side which shall be kept as Hybrid lane. Read More at PIB

As this news is all over the news portal (NDTV/ AAJ TAK, ZEE News) – But they have never mentioned where is the official notice or press release by Govt. of India.

Which Lane is CASH Lane >> Check Here

Penalty for No FASTag from 1 Dec 201

The NHAI/ Govt. of India has given deadlines to Toll Plaza to enable FASTag Lanes by 1 December 2019, but it don’t mean that you should have the FASTag on your CAR.

What NDTV Says:

From December 1, the users who do not have a FASTag on their vehicles will be charged double the fee in cash for passing through a FASTag-only lane.

Where to buy FASTag/ Fee & Charges (Price Compared)

At present, there are a total of 23 Live Members who are giving the facility to issue FASTag to the customer. The Fee & Charges are different from each other. Before purchasing FASTag Online. You should check & compare fee & charges:

  1. Replacement of FASTag Charge
  2. Validity of FASTag
  3. FASTag Joining Fee
  4. Threshold Fee
  5. Security fee

These are the four main charges & fee applicable to any of the FASTag available in market.

Amazon, PayTM, SBI, Axis Bank, PNB, HDFC & ICICI are the leaders in providing FASTag. Form Complete list >> List of Cheapest FASTag Provider – Buy FASTAG Online (Fee & Charges Compared)

What do you think? If you have any official news or press release. Please comment below or contact us. We are going to update this article.

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