JioMart Fraud in Delivery

Name: Richa Complaint Registered
State: Maharashtra

My order got processed for RS 1150 and I paid RS 1150 but received order for RS 600 only. The delivery boy gave me a sealed packet and bill for RS 1150. I made full payment then checked the material immediately at home. I found the material delivered was worth RS 600 only. I called the delivery boy he said manually my senior manager has ticked your undelivered items and shall be shortly delivered to you but don’t know the exact date of delivery. I had been cheated by jiomart store manager and delivery boy both during the tough time of disease outbreak. That was my hard earned money which I lost. I have all the details of order and delivery boy contact number.

Complaint Status: Approved
Current Status: RESOLVED

Request: Very Urgent

Complaint Suggestion

Hi Richa,
You need to report this issue to the Jio Mart Customer Care. Just call to the Phone Number 02261220220 or contact via email [email protected]
You will surely get support.
Good day.

Note: This is not an official JioMart support or customer care service portal. We help, give suggestion and guide customers. You can always reach JioMart customer support via website/ app. If you more question, leave comment via comment box below.

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