Order no-16005193959088815A, Missing Items Jio Mart

Name: Sandip Banerjee Complaint Registered
State: Telangana

Dear Sir,
I had ordered the following items:
01.NandiniTetra Pack -1ltres: 12 nos
02. Amul Paneer:3 Nos.

However, i was delivered in a sealed blue colored Jio Mart  bag:
01.NandiniTetra Pack -1/2 litres: 2 nos
02. Amul Paneer:3 Nos.

I have been billed for the following: despite not receiving 11 liters of milk.

01.NandiniTetra Pack -1ltres: 12 nos
02. Amul Paneer:3 Nos.

Kindly Pay me the difference amount for the products not supplied mentioned in the highlighted texts.

I feel cheated by Jio.


Sandip Banerjee
Attachments area

Complaint Status: Approved

Request: Urgent

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