Request for Refund of Double Payment and Non-Receipt of Migration Certificate

Name: Saniya Bangarwa Complaint Registered
State: Rajasthan

Dear sir,

My name is Saniya, and I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I encountered while applying for a migration certificate through the Rajasthan Board official website.

On 21st july 2023, I applied for a migration certificate and proceeded to make a payment of Rs. 300 using the online payment portal provided by the website. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen technical glitch or error, the payment process was duplicated, resulting in two separate transactions of Rs. 300 each. As a result, a total of Rs. 600 has been debited from my bank accounts.

Moreover, despite the payment, I regret to inform you that the migration certificate has not been generated, leaving me in a state of concern and uncertainty regarding my application status.

I kindly request your urgent attention to rectify this matter and ensure the following:

1. Refund: I request an immediate refund of the excess amount of Rs. 300 that was erroneously charged due to the double payment. The transaction details for both payments are as follows:
– Transaction 1: 320204763566
– Transaction 2: Due to some issues i can’t provide now second bank transfer details , but it was done by bank of baroda at 10:00:44 at EAZYPAY ICICI   BANK LTD – BRKGB.

2. Migration Certificate: In addition to the refund, I request you to expedite the generation of my migration certificate as soon as possible. The timely receipt of this document is crucial for my academic and future endeavors.

I have attached the payment confirmation receipts and any other relevant documents to this email for your reference. If there is any additional information required from my end, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 9256477340  or [email protected]

I sincerely hope that you will address this matter promptly and provide the necessary resolution. Your assistance in resolving this issue is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to a prompt response.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Saniya Bangarwa

bangothari kalan , waya pilani , teh-surajgard
bangothari kalan , jhunjhunu , 333031

Complaint Status: Approved
Current Status: RESOLVED

Request: Very Urgent

Complaint Suggestion

Hi Saniya Bangarwa

As your have paid twice for the Migration Certificat, you can apply for the refund. YOu need to follow the given steps:-

Email with the transaction number, amount, bank, date of payment to the [email protected] or you can complaint at the toll free number at +911452627454.

Note: This is not an official RBSE Board support or customer care service portal. We help, give suggestion and guide customers. You can always reach RBSE Board customer support via website/ app. If you more question, leave comment via comment box below.

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