SBI Fastag Extra pay for MH Vehical at Toll

Name: Suraj Complaint Registered
State: Maharashtra

I was following this over mail but no reply. There are two issues Vehicle No.: MH14GH5219

I got SMS saying your account was blocked due to negative balance, further checking found there 205 around directed from an account on 9th of august where I was not traveled from anywhere. Detailed it said credit adjusted by toll, why credited adjust? This 2X than the overall toll khed-shivapur toll. They all deducted toll amount added to this amount on 8 Aug. why 205 deducted from the account?

As per government rule, all MH14 car should not pay any toll at Khed Shivapur toll Naka but my amount still deducted on Date – 29 Feb, 1 March, 18 March, 7 Aug, 8 Aug -2020

SBI customer care is not responsive. Once this matter close I will give up with SBI fast tag, useless

Complaint Status: Approved
Current Status: RESOLVED

Request: Urgent

Complaint Suggestion

Hi Suraj
You need to connect to the Customer Care of SBI Fastag via 1800110018 or Email at
[email protected], [email protected]
Good day.

Note: This is not an official SBI support or customer care service portal. We help, give suggestion and guide customers. You can always reach SBI customer support via website/ app. If you more question, leave comment via comment box below.

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this is not helpful, I tried and no useful need to log case with consumer Cort

NARESh mohan

I have SBI fastag.SBI has not yet resolved any of my issueI am tired of emailing SBI Help Desk and I have not found any solution for them yet.

NARESh mohan

If SBI has not solved my problem yet, can I go to the consumer court?

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