TikTokPro App (.APK) Download or Not !! What is this www.Tiny.cc/TikTokPro

TikTokPro App PlayStore Link | Download or Virus TikTokPro SMS from 7090539924 Tiny.cc/TikTokPro is a youtube Channel | Who is behind TikTok Pro App | Watch Old TikTok Videos Online | Funny TikTok VPN Online on TikTokPro App

The Department of Telecommunication (DOT), Govt of India has banned TikTok along with 58 other popular mobile apps that were using User Data and destroying the sovereignty and integrity of India. After ban on TikTok, it was removed from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Approx 200 Million Indian was using TikTok App and it was not easy for all users to delete their videos. Soon after the Ban, a new mobile application called “TikTokPro App” was emergent and users were getting lots of SMS/ WhatsApp and Telegram forwards to download TikTokPro App which has all TikTok Features.

TikTok Pro App 2021 – Download xAPK (Play Store) – Manpreet Dogra upload it on APKPure Site. New TikTok Pro newindiantiktok2021  https://tiny.cc/TikTokPro has some public access restrictions.

TikTok Pro is avaialble now !! that give access to TikTok Old Videos. But this App is only available in .APK, it is not available on Google Play Store.  So, Please make sure you don’t given unessary permission. It may hack into your Phone, Steal Data.

A SMS from 7090539924 is as under: 

Enjoy Tiktok Videos and
also make Creative Videos again.
Now Tiktok is only
Available in (Tiktok pro)
So Download from below.
Link: http://tinv.cc/TiktokPro

TikTokPro App Alert

The user has reported this to Cyber Team and PIB Fact Check. The Cyber Police of Maharashtra has responded and said that “this fake malware app, appears just as the original TikTok app and requests permissions for the camera, image gallery, mic and others among few, stealing sensitive information from your phone”.

What is www.Tiny.cc/TikTokPro Link?
It is a misleading link that hid behind Tiny.cc URL. So, you don’t have to download or open www.tiny.cc/TikTokPro otherwise the Virus or Malware can steal your data. On this link, you will redirect to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzfz6FYVlUDi0TgeuvyJMhA?sub_confirmation=1 (Youtube Channel)

TikTokPro App SMS

Things to Remember:-

  1. Never download .APK of TikTok or other Banned Apps in India.
  2. Never provide your contact details to get the Executive/ Premium access to TikTok Videos
  3. You should always check PIB Fact Check.
  4. Visit and only insall available at Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  5. Never provide OTP/ Banking details.
  6. There is no TikTok Game or Contest.
  7. In case you have any news. Please report to Cyber Police.
  8. The TikTokPro may streal your data, or ask your to subscribe to Youtube Channels.
Download Official Advisory Check Here
TikTok Pro (Downloar or Not) Is Chinese or Indian App? Complete Details

Note: Please comment below, in case you have any details.

FAQ – TikTokPro App

✅ Is TikTokPro is official App?

No, there is no official TikTok Pro App.

✅ Should I Download TikTokPro App?

No, As per CyberCrime & Maharasthra Police, you shouldn’t download or install TikTokPro App.

✅ Who is the founder of TikTok Pro App?

Till now, there is not the information of TikTokPro App Founder.

✅ Can I watch old TikTok Videos on TikTokPro App?

No, You can’t watch Old Videos of TikTok App on TikTokPro App. As this is not an Official TikTok App.

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