Corona Lockdown: Bank of Baroda Personal Loan COVID-19 Apply Online

Coronavirus Loan Offers by Bank of Baroda Personal Loan COVID-19 April 2020: The Financial Crises is rising and will continue because of COVID-19. There is no Vaccine or Cure for Coronavirus. People have lost their Jobs and most of the offices and manufacturing sector are closed due to the complete lockdown.

As per the recent stats, 23% of people are unemployed after the 24th March 2020 Lockdown decision. And this lockdown will be extended till 1 May 2020 (As most of the State CM has already given go-ahead signal). Today (11 April 2020) PM Modi will have video conferencing to State CM’s and will surely discuss the current situation and future expectations.

On 27th March 2020, “COVID-19 –Regulatory Package” was announced by RBI for 3 Months Loan EMI Defer Relief. You can also get a refund of March 2020 Loan EMI and STOP EMI of April and May 2020.

Bank of Baroda Personal Loan COVID-19

Bank of Baroda is first to introduce “COVID-19 Personal Loan” dedicated to the people who have been affected financially due to the Coronavirus Lockdown. BOB Personal Loan (minimum amount is Rs 25000/- and Maximum amount is Rs 5 Lakh) to the customers.

Online BOB Personal Loan April 2020

Baroda Coronavirus Personal Loan Offer is for the customer (mainly) who have previous LOAN Accounts i.e. Home Loan (all variants), Loan Against Property, Auto Loan.

Complete information about the Bank of Baroda COVID-19 Loan is given below:-

Minimum Loan Amount Rs 25,000
Maximum Loan Amount Rs.5.00 Lakhs
CIIBL Score (Required) Above 650
Processing Charge Rs. 500/- plus applicable GST
Penal Interest Charges 2% shall be levied on the overdue amount/
Interest Charges BRLLR + SP+ 2.75% per annum with monthly rest
Loan Offers Till 31 May 2020

Customer can avail the facility for any purpose including temporary liquidity mismatch due to COVID-19 except speculation purpose.

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FAQ – Bank of Baroda COVID-19 Personal Loan

✅ Is Bank of Baroda is offering COVID-19 Personal Loan?

Yes, Bank of Baroda has introduced special Personal Loans to the people who are having existing Home Loan, Auto Loan or Loan Against Property.

✅ What is the minimum loan amount available in BOB COVID-19?

You can avail a minimum of Rs 25000/- Personal Loan under the Special Personal Loan by the Bank of Baroda.

✅ What is the Interest Rate of COVID-19 Personal Loan?

BRLLR + SP+ 2.75% per annum with monthly rest (ROI is irrespective of Bureau score) It is approx 11.20%

✅ What is the Prepayment Charges?

In case you want Prepayment. There is no Charges of Prepayment for Bank of Baroda COVID-19 Personal Loan.

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