COVID-19 Bank of Baroda 3 Month Loan EMI Stop Process, Credit Card Dues Interest Rates

Bank of Baroda 3 Month EMI RBI Rules | BOB Credit Card Dues 3 Month Interest Rates Calculator | BOB HomeLoan 3 month RBI Moratorium | COVID-19 Bank of Baroda 3 Months Loan EMI Stop Helpcenter/ Support 1800

COVID-19 is the epidemic disease announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) in February 2020. The Coronavirus has spread all over world in approx all countries. Most worst-hit countries are the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, and China. As of today (4 April 2020) total of 1.1 million people are found positive of COVID-19.

The Govt. of India has started screening people who were coming to India via Flight/ Roads from foreign countries starting in January 2020. It has stopped +cases and isolated/ quarantine the suspected. After all these measures, in India approx 2445 COVID-19 positive cases are there.

COVID-19 Bank of Baroda 3 Month Loan

PM Narendra Modi has announced 21 days lockdown in India. So, most of the offices/ businesses are closed. Only the Essential Services are operational and people associated with these services are getting Lockdown E-Pass form State Police.

Vijaya Bank Loan 3 Month Rules

From 1 April 2019 onwards, Vijaya Bank has been amalgamated with Bank of Baroda. So, all the loan processing/ rules announced by the BoB is applicable to the borrower of Vijaya Bank. Following are the list of Loan Scheme:

  1. Housing Loan
  2. V Elite Home Loan
  3. Vijaya Kisan Home Loan
  4. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
  5. V Mortgage
  6. V Reverse Mortgage
  7. V Equip
  8. Personal Loan to Salaried Class & Pensioners
  9. Education Loans
  10. Jewel Loans
  11. V Vehicle
  12. V Wheels
  13. Road Transport Operator
  14. V Cab Scheme
  15. V Restaurant
  16. V Dhaanya
  17. V CASHEW
  18. V Swashakti
  19. V Mudra Card
  20. VidyaLakshmi Portal
  21. V Mudra Weavers Card Scheme
  22. Laghu Udyami Card
  23. V–Swadesh
  24. V Auditor
  25. V Doctor
  26. V Entrepreneur
  27. V SOD

Dena Bank 3 Months Loan Waiver

In case you have any loan from Dena Bank. You will also get the 3 Months Moratorium as per the RBI guidelines. Dena Bank is also amalgamated with Bank of Baroda.

Credit Card Interest Rates is applicable.

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The bank is also providing deferred payment for the Credit Card dues. But before availing the benefit if RBI 3 Months Moratorium you need to know the benefits and drawbacks. Here, we are sharing Bank of Baroda is also providing 3 months of relaxation on EMI/ Installment on all terms loans.

Bank of Baroda 3 Months Loan EMI Relaxation – Online Apply

Due to the Lockdown, people in India will face delays in Salary/ Income, etc. So, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given 3 Months Moratorium to all Bank for the Terms Loans i.e. Education Loan, Home Loan, Personal Loan, Agriculture Loan, Business Loan other Terms Loans, etc.

To avail moratorium period of 3 months, you need to following on of the below process:-

  1. Either reach to the nearest Bank of Baroda (BOB) Branch.
  2. Email to the concerned authority in the prescribed application form available on the BOB COVID-19 FAQ section. (SBI is also seeking filled form and send to Email ID – STOP EMI)
  3. Also, Bank of Baroda is sending SMS to all loan account customers asking their consent for 3 Months Moratorium.

Now, let’s understand the impact of availing the moratorium for 3 months.

a) There will be no penalty to be paid by you.
b) Your loan term period will be extended to 3 months.
c) There will be no impact on your CIBIL score.
d) You have to pay the interest on the Principal amount for the period of 3 months.

So, if you really has the cash crunch then only apply for 3 months moratorium. We are also giving the example of Interest to be paid.

BOB PMGDY Schedule for Withdrawal of Money

On the COVID-19 Bank of Baroda FAQ page – Schedule for Withdrawal of Money link is broken and error message is showing:-

Page Not Found
The page you were looking for either doesn’t exist or it has just moved out. You can visit our main links, you could find easily.
URL is

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Dues COVID-19 Relief

Do you have a Credit Card of Bank of Baroda? Here is the complete information regarding 3 Months Credit Card due/ delay payment terms and FAQ. You need to understand the BOB Credit Card RBI Moratorium rules.

Bank of Baroda is offering Mortarium on Credit Card also. All the customers who have been paying regularly till 29th February 2020 can avail the Credit Card delay payment mortarium.

Period: 1 March 2020 to 31 May 2020
Card Type: Credit Card
Mortarium available: Yes (Only for the customer you are regular with previous Credit Card payments till 29 February 2020).
Applicable to: BoB Credit Card dues as indicated in the statements dated 1st March 2020, 1st April 2020 and 1st May 2020
Credit Card Account Regular: Call Customer care for that. so that you can get.
Late Payment Fee:  No Late Payment Charges will be levied as part of the moratorium.
Interest Rates: interest will continue to occur on the unpaid balance and fresh transactions unless you pay the Total Payment Due.

If you paid Credit Card payment on or after 1 March 2020 then dues will not be refunded.

Auto Debit (Saving Account) to Credit Card Account

Due to the Mortarium Guidelines, the  Auto Debit function will not be available. So, it is disabled also, you need to pay the Credit Card if you don’t need to avail of the Mortarium.

Bank of Baroda will not debit your BoB savings account towards the payments due in the 1st April and 1st May statements, as per the moratorium guidelines. We request you to use the customized payment link sent via SMS, or use the Insta Pay option on our website, to continue making the payments if you would like to.

Minimum Payment due – Credit Card Payment

After the end of the Mortarium period that is 31 May 2020 is the last date. The statement dated 1st June 2020 will require you to pay at least the Minimum Payment Due by the Payment Due Date, to avoid levy of Late Payment Charges and your credit card becoming overdue/delinquent

The statement will also have the interest accrued during the moratorium period, and will be part of the payment due.

Interest Rates: Approx 3.5% Monthly interest rates will be applicable for the BoB Credit Card unpaid dues.

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