COVID-19 Canara Loan EMI Refund, Credit Card Due Opt for Moratorium

Canara Bank Loan EMI Postponed due to COVID-19 Lockdown as per RBI Moratorium | Interest Charges for 2 Months Loan EMI Extension | COVID-19 Relief Loan EMI of Syndicate Bank and Canara Bank Tenure Extension.

 In the wake of COVID-19 Epidemic, Govt. of India has lockdown for 21 Days. Most of the Businesses are close so there will be delay in the monthly salary and income of people. The person who are paying regular EMI Installments and has bad financial condition are allowed for 3 Months Loan EMI Deferment.

Canara Loan EMI Refund, Opt for Moratorium

On 1st April 2020, Syndicate Bank is merged in Canara Bank. So, all the guidelines announced and published by Canara Bank is also applicable to the SyndicateBank account holders.

Here, we are providing SMS or Email that you need to send to avail the benefit of Moratorium. Also, kindly check the Interest Rates applicable (if you opt for Moratorium).

List of Loan provided by Canara Bank

  • Housing loan
  • Home Improvement Loan
  • Canara Cash (Shares)
  • Canara Vehicle
  • Canara Site Loan
  • Canara Budget
  • Canara Pension-General Public
  • Teachers Loan
  • Swarna Loan(Gold Loan)
  • Canara Rent
  • Canara Mortgage
  • Housing-cum-Solar Loan
  • Canara Jeevan
  • Canara Consumer Loan
  • Canara Home Loan Plus
  • Housing Loan to Agriculturists
  • Home Loan for NRIs scheme
  • Canara Vehicle to Agriculturists

Canara Bank – Apply for 2 Months Loan EMI Extension (Moratorium)

Reserve Bank of India has issued guidelines on 27th March 2020 regarding 3 Months Loan EMI Repayment Extension.

It means that, if you take Loan EMI Moratorium for 2 months, then your Loan EMI duration will increase to 2 months without any penalty or late charges. Only the Interest charges will be applicable on the Principal Amount (outstanding).

Apply for Online Canara Bank Loan EMI Extension

Follow the steps:

There are two way (you can follow) any one of these:- The customer can avail of this facility if he/she wishes so and there is no need to contact your bank if you do not want to avail of this facility.

By SMS send SMS “NO” to 8422004008
By Email 
(With Loan Details)
Loan Account Number
Name of Customer
Branch Name
CASA account number
[email protected]

Note: There is no online (URL) to apply. So, just send SMS or Email to OPT.

Canara Bank Credit Card Due Repayment

You can also avail the Moratorium for outstanding Credit Card due for March/ April or May 2020. RBI has asked Bank to provided Moratorium on Credit Card Dues also.

So, if your Credit Card Payment is pending. You can avail the 3 Months Credit Card due Moratorium.

What about my Credit Card dues?
The relief is available for Credit Card payments also.

Canara Bank Loan EMI Moratorium FAQ

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