Gujarat Ration Card List 2021 ગુજરાત રેશનકાર્ડ યાદી Link Aadhaar NFSA, AAY, BPL List 2021

Gujarat New Ration Card List 2021 | Link Aadhar Card to GJ Ration Card – Apply for New Ration Card ePDS, NFSA Online | Add New Member, Mobile Number/ Delete – Change Address in Ration Card

Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumers, Govt. of Gujarat look after the distribution and Supply of Other Essential Commodities i.e Ration (Wheat, Rice, Sugar, Iodine Salt, Kerosene, Chana, Daal etc), LPG Cylinder. Gujarat State has also implemented a Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) and NFSA Act 2013. Link Adhaar Card to Ration Card deadline extended till 30 September 2020. Gujarat Ration Card List (New) Search Name, Village, Change Address/ Voter ID.

Gujarat NFSA Beneficiary List 2021 | Gujarat Ration Card List (New) | ગુજરાત બારકોડ રેશનકાર્ડ લિસ્ટ 2020 શોધો એક રાષ્ટ્ર એક રેશનકાર્ડ સ્થિતિ | Link Aadhaar to ONORC Ration Card List | New Ration, Duplicate, Separate, Change Card Type

Under the One Nation One Ration Card (ONORC Scheme) all Beneficiary of NFSA, BPL, AAY can avail their entitled ration from all over India. All the Consumer has to Seek/ Link Aadhaar Number before 31 August 2020.

ONORC Gujarat Ration Card List

Following services are available on the Gujarat Ration Card Portal

  1. Apply for New Ration Card
  2. Know types of cards and procedure
  3. Print Online Barcoded Ration Card
  4. Transfer Ration Card
  5. Divide Ration Card
  6. Add/Remove Name From Ration Card
  7. Find Nearest Fair Price Shop
  8. Know Permissible Quota to my FPS
  9. Know List of LPG/PNG Agencies in my District
  10. Know about Consumer Organizations
  11. Know The Consumer Acts and Rules
  12. Know about Consumer Rights
  13. Know Where to file Consumer Complaint
  14. Know Procedure of Filing a Case
  15. Find Nearest District Forum
  16. Know Court Fee Details
  17. Know Case Status
  18. Know Daily Cause List

Gujarat New Ration Card નવું બારકોડેડ રેશનકાર્ડ મેળવવું

The Ration Card is very important document if you want to avail of the benefits of TPDS, NFSA Act 2013. You can apply for new ration card. (Fill Form 2). જે લોકો પાસે હાલના રહેઠાણના સ્‍થ્‍ળે કોઇપણ પ્રકારના રેશનકાર્ડ નથી અને જે લોકો ઘણા સમયથી ગુજરાત રાજ્યમાં વસવાટ કરે છે, પરંતુ રેશનકાર્ડ ધરાવતા નથી, હવે જો તેમને રેશનકાર્ડની જરૂર હોય તો તે નમુના-ર (બે) માં અરજી કરી શકે છે.

Documents Required:

  1. Electricity bills
  2. Income tax PAN card
  3. Property tax bills of Gram Panchayat / NPA / MPA /
  4. Driving license
  5. Telephone mobile bills
  6. Election Credentials (All the members who have obtained Credentials)
  7. Cooking gas passbook
  8. PNG Last gas consumption bill
  9. Farmer’s ledger or village sample no-4-a
  10. NREGA job card
  11. Bank passbook
  12. Kisan Credit Card

Gujarat Ration Card Forms

Here are the FORM (PDF) you have to fill to apply for (Duplicate, Separate, New, Addition of Member, Transfer, Surrender Ration Card etc. ). Please download the form:-

Facility  Form
What should I do to get a duplicate ration card if my ration card is torn, lost or burnt? Duplicate Ration Card Form
New barcoded ration card Guj Barcode Ration Card From
Add name in current family ration card Add Member Form
Remove name from the current family ration card Remove Member Form
Separate Ration Card Ration card by splitting Form

Gujarat Ration Card List 2021

Brief information of Food, Civil Supplies Gujarat State Ration Card:-

Name of Yojana Ration Card (NFSA, ePDS, AePDS, TPDS), ONORC Scheme
State Gujarat
Member of One Nation One Ration Card Yes
  1. Search FPS Dealer Shop
  2. New Ration Card
  3.  Know your Ration Quota
  4. Changes in Ration Card Name, Category
  5. Link Aadhaar Card
  6. Check the status of Ration Online
  7. Grievance/ Helpdesk
  8. Haryana ePDS Aadhaar Ration Card
Types of Card
  1. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Card
  2. Priority Household (PHH) Ration Card
  3. APL

Search Gujarat Ration Card (New List) 2021

A consumer can get check status of the Ration Card/ search new list. Dept of Food Civil Supplies portal is maintained that provides complete information that consumer needs to know. Search your Ration Quota, Status. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Visit (Official Gujarat Ration Card Portal)

Step 2: Click on “Area wise ration card details-NFSA” as given in below photo.

gujarat ration card search

Step 3: You will be redirected to “”

Here, Choose “List of Fair Price Shops” >> Select District >> Taluka and enter the Verification Code.

Gujarat Ration Card using FPS Shop

Step 4: After clicking Search, a list of all Fair Price Shop (FPS) will be available. You need to search your Village Ration Card FPS.

gujarat ration card fps list

Step 5: Click, on your Name in the List to get complete information of Ration Card.

gujarat ration card list

Step 6: Here is your Ration Card:

Gujarat Ration Card

Gujarat Ration Quota

(AAY) Above:

No. Commodity Admissible Quantity (Per Person) Admissible Quantity (Per Card) Price
1 NFSA-AAY Wheat 25 કિ.ગ્રા. રૂ. 2 પ્રતિ કિ.ગ્રા.
2 NFSA-AAY Rice 10 કિ.ગ્રા. રૂ. 3 પ્રતિ કિ.ગ્રા.

(A) BPL Cardholder:

No. Commodity Admissible Quantity (Per Person) Admissible Quantity (Per Card) Price
1 NFSA PHH Wheat 3.5 કિ.ગ્રા. રૂ. 2 પ્રતિ કિ.ગ્રા.
2 NFSA PHH Rice 1.5 કિ.ગ્રા. રૂ. 3 પ્રતિ કિ.ગ્રા.
3 Sugar 350 ગ્રા. રૂ. 22 પ્રતિ કિ.ગ્રા.

APL – 1 Cardholder:

No. Commodity Admissible Quantity (Per Person) Admissible Quantity (Per Card) Price
1 NFSA PHH Wheat 3.5 કિ.ગ્રા. રૂ. 2 પ્રતિ કિ.ગ્રા.
2 NFSA PHH Rice 1.5 કિ.ગ્રા. રૂ. 3 પ્રતિ કિ.ગ્રા.

All Ration Card Holders not having Cooking/LPG Gas Connection:

No. Commodity Admissible Quantity (Per Person) Admissible Quantity (Per Card) Name of Mamlatdar
1 Kerosine 2 લીટર 8 લીટર સ્‍થાનિક રીતે કલેકટરશ્રીએ નક્કી કરેલ રાહત દરે

Cost of New Ration Card

The cost of a new barcoded ration card: Gujarat State is providing a BarCoded Ration Card. You can get free upgraded Ration Card instead of old Ration Card. The Price is for New Ration Card of Duplicate of Barcode Ration Card.

Card Type Cost
APL-I RS 50/-
APL-2 Rs 50/-
AAY Free

Duration/ Time Limit – Gujarat Ration Card

Sr. No. Details Time Limit(In Days)
1 Application for New Ration Card 30
2 Application for a Separate Partition Ration Card 30
3 General Updates in Ration Card 1
4 To add a name in Ration Card 1
5 To eliminate name from Ration Card 1
6 To change the address of Ration Card 1
7 Change in existing residence/location in Ration Card 1
8 For Institutional card 30
9 For petroleum production license 45
10 To change the location of petroleum products 30
11 To give a permit to Fair Price Shop 50
12 Kerosene permit for Organization – Agency 30
13 Registration for selling white kerosene in the free market 30

FAQ – Gujarat Ration Card

✅ Where to search Gujarat Ration Card Online?
The consumer can visit and select District >> Taluka >> Select FPS and then click on your ration card.

✅ How to link Aadhaar to Ration Card?
To link the UIDAI Aadhaar to Ration Card. You need to visit the Gram Panchayat or CSC ask for the Seeding of Aadhaar to Ration Card.

✅ Can I avail One Nation One Ration Card for Goa Ration Card?
Yes, Gujarat State is already providing benefits under the ONORC Scheme.

✅ Can I apply for Ration Card Online?
No, the registration for Ration Card is only available Offline Mode. So, Download Form-2 and fill it, submit to the Gram Panchayat.

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