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BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD has developed App (Android/ iOS) Likee which is very famous short video creating and making viral. Some users are also earning money on LIKEE by promoting products and affiliates. Likee Video has many cool features that helps users to create and upload very engaging videos. The features include i.e. Hari Color Change, 4D Magic, Music Magic Filter, Special Effects for Video, Stickers, Superpower magic, Live broadcasting, Chat, gift effects, challenge video, magical emoticons, face and eye change effects etc.

Your account has been banned because you have committed a violaton of out Community Guidelines (Category A Serious violations). The ban will be lifted in 17:43:00. more severe punishments will be applied if you continue to produce pornographic or nudity content. Please read LIKEE’s Community Guidelines.

LIKEE Customer Care Number 24×7 HelpCenter

The LIKEE Customer Support team is happy to help users facing issue with Likee Profile, Video, copyright, reporting profile etc. Nowadays, users are facing Account Ban, Video delete, less like, viral video, login, delete video request etc. Here are the LIKEE VIDEO Customer care and support team contact information you can connect. You will surely get the support and resolve your issue.

LIKEE App Customer Support – Online Complaint

Here are the official contact details of LIKEE Customer Care (India, Pakistan, Nepal, USA, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia, UAE Dubai, Bangladesh etc.). Call the LIKEE Customer Support team or you can chat ONLINE/ Email your issue.

LIKEE Customer Care (24×7 Helpline Number)
Via Phone HelpCenter
Via Email ID Support
[email protected]
Likee VIP ID Helpline [email protected]
Other mail Support [email protected] or
[email protected]
Social Media Accounts of Likee
Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
Via Phone Support 9971270901
Submit Online Complaint LIKEE App Customer Service/ Helpdesk

Install LIKEE on Windows 7, 10 PC

Want to install LIKEE Video App in Windows PC (Windows 7, 10 or Windows 8, Vista)? At present, LIKEE is only available for Android and iOS devices. Soon, you will get new APP for Windows Phone as well as for Windows 10. To install you need to check the Windows App Store and search for the LIKEE.

The installation process is very easy, create or login into your profile.

LIKEE Complaints Box

  1. LIKEE Account Blocked/ Banned
  2. Report Spam Video/ Comment
  3. Hacked Account, Phone Lost/ Recover old account with Email ID. Phone SMS
  4. Copyright logo, video, copying my video reporting
  5. Online CHAT support of LIKEE, WhatsApp Customer Care LIKEE Video

Please comment your complaint/ issue below.

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Shifah abdallah

ID312570255 was banned from going live streaming they said am underage yet am an adult sir

Ghulam 6

My likee account @_Freedom_Fighter was banned for violating of community guidelines even i am 24 years old . Kindly unbanned my account please

Last edited 2 years ago by Ghulam 6
Shadow and Mason

the banned me from the live amd saying my account could get banned or deleted

Yustina andrea

IDyustinaAndreaSus Kenapa akun saya diblokir?

Junaid ali

Sir mera account band ho gya ha pta nai q so plz re opn my account my I’d junaidali007

Caroline wangui

They claimed me of underage and banned me. From magic live streaming yet I’m an adult

RaFsan MahmUd

Dear sir please help me #ban this account 669004498 because he cheat me and my family or uploaded my wife picture please help sir

Ikee daudi

ID583786099 am 24year my live feature has banned they said my under 16 but over 16


I am trying to get my agency started.

Edna juma

My account has been banned . Name is Edna juma kindly open for me


Respect sir my account is banned plz reopen my like account

Thee famous

Hi sir my account with the username “mynameisfamous”is about to get banned please help me get back my account.


ID JB.RATNA.1894111 was banned from going live streaming they said am underage yet am an adult sir

Mahamudul Hasan

ID UNBAN – apology/ confirmation letter


My name is Mahamudul Hasan and my likee ID Mahamudul1998 is
My LIKEE ID: Mahamudul1998 got banned as i have violated the Likee – Live streaming rules. I really want to apologize for my mistake and would never repeat this again.

Please unbann my Likee ID: Mahamudul1998
and in case I violate the rules of Likee- Live streaming again, please bann my account permanently.

HOST NAME: Mahamudul Hasan

DATE: 24/11/2020

Rafikul Islam

Hi sir
I am Rafikul. My likee id is Cute.king2005.
My Likee ID was band tomorrow at 22:23 pm.
Sir pls Help me. I Don’t know Why Did my account band.

Sojon Barua

My likee live was banned because Minors but I’m not Minors . I’m 18 years old. I’m Adult. My likee id ( Sojon.)

Rahat Karim

Dear Sir/Mam

My name is ᴾˢᵞ〆RAHAT࿐❼❶.I am 18 years old.My Likee I’D RahatKarim is Likee live banned. I don’t know what I creat mistake but I am very disappointed at this Likee app decision.
Because I think I can’t do any mistake apposite cyberspace clean up. So please take action fast and open my Likee ID
I request you please open my Likee ID and tell me reason so I will improve my mistake
Thank you so much.
Attache my Likee ID screenshot
Attache my National ID Card


I am Blocked from Live Stream.

Nisar Balti

Pls unblock my account

Hamid Abbasi

Dear sir she is my host plz unbend this account thenkx


my account is banned why

Syed Hamza

Hallo sir/mam
My name is Syed Hamza my like id is block I am not going live please unblock my id is 655949289.sir I request you please unblock

Ghulam Ghous

My likee account @_Freedom_Fighter was banned for violating of community guidelines even i am 24 years old . Kindly unbanned my account please
I am very thankful please

Sajawal Khan

How verify my likee account

Irfan Ahmed

Dear sir
I would like to inform you that one of the like has uploaded my family wedding pic so please its my humble request to delet that’s video id 478814415

Irfan Ahmed

Delete videos or block my account due to some of family pics uploaded by mistake

Irfan Ahmed

Dear sir
I humble request you to please iD 478814415 ban or delete all videos wich are uploaded from the id due to there are all my family and upload by mistake now we forget or id and failed to access on account

Farman Ahmad

I lost my likee I’d and I don’t have user name or password butt I have likee I’d number kindly it’s a humble request to recover my id

Mr rana bilal

Helo likee Team this is my likee id number Mr.RaNa and i have stolen due to someone hacked my id via adding svip group…
I need to back my id please as soon as possible


Sir my like id kumudrajput plzz my all videos send me

Gulab Husen

Hi, sir maidum please delete my video or banned my Likee id 784154002. Please help me Tomuch problem

Shova Adhikari

I am not on the leaderboard though I got enough likes. Can you please check my I’d and unfreeze my leaderboard.

Norboboyev Hakimjon

Kirib bulmayapdi nimaga
Norboboyev Hakimjon

Kerib bulmayapdi nega


Saya merasa di rugi pihak like yang sensitif banned.
Tolong membukanya kembali

Afzan ali

Sir halp me


My account is banned why please check it again


My account is banned why please tell me


My account was banned I have no idea why

Muhammad Khalid

Respected Sir,
My name is Muhammad Khalid.I am 18 years old.My likee ID zidii_larka961 is banned.I don’t know.what i creat mistake but i am very disappointed at this likee app decision.Because i think i can’t do any mistake apposite cyberspace clean up.So please take action fast and open my likee ID.I request you please please open my likee ID and tell me reson so i will improve my mistake Thank you so sir.

Muhammad Usman Ali

My account has been baned likee but why i don’t know i will proply use likee every day

Muhammad Usman Ali

My like account kash_tum_mery_ho has been baned or not login again and other account will not support to my phone other account has been baned I’m very tens in my account please help me to login my account 😥😥😥😥😥🙏

Muhammad Usman Ali

What is the problem my likee account😥😥😥😥🙏 please help me

Muhammad Usman Ali

Please help me sir 😢😢😢😢🙏


i lost my number and forget password
i don’t login my id
please help me.


Please this id @Corona also joined #Likee #HelloLikee, come and check it out! >>

Sir my I’d banned a fake people report

Queen pathani

Plz unbanned my account
I am 18 years old plz unable to get likee live thnku soo much

James donald

please am using my likee account for a business and please and please I want you guys to unbanned it for me because have lost alot of my customers am just tired right now

Ⓑ🅕~Bappy Mulla

likee live band id Ⓑ🅕~Bappy Mulla

Monika malik

Dear team my 1529usd salary is pending from likee .already 60 days gone. Likee I’d 500693557

Faisal ali

My id peyara-fauji is banned live streaming please unbanned this

Faisal ali

My id peyara-fauji is banned on live streaming please unbanned my likee I’d

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