COVID-19 Lockdown Rajasthan Excise Theka, Liquor/ Beer Shop Open (11 AM to 3 PM)

Rajasthan Excise Theka Opening Timing April 2020: RAJEXCISE is the official organization that looks after manufacture, possession, sale, import, export, and transport of Liquor, intoxicating drugs. Due to the Coronavirus Lockdown, the Liquor Shop and Lottery transfer has put on hold. Now, there are some new development and news via the WhatsApp that Rajasthan Govt. has given permission to Open Theka (Liquor/ BEER and Desi Madira Shops) in Rajasthan State.

राजस्थान में दारू की दुकाने 15 अप्रैल से खुलेंगी

As per Sources said that राजस्थान Excise Dept has issued a notice regarding the Liquor Shop, Beer Shop and Desi Madira Shop will open from 15 April 2020.

PM Modi on 14 April 2020, said that Lockdown has been extended till 3rd May 2020. Everyone has to follow all the rules and regulations of Lockdown.

Police Pass for Liquor

There is no Pass or ePass given to the People to collect and go out to buy liquor, beer. You can only get Rajasthan Lockdown Movement Pass if you have any emergency work or associated with the essential services.

Update: We have not found any official notice on the official website regarding Opening of Liquor Shop during COVID-19 Lockdown.

So, the news is FAKE


Rajasthan BEER, Daaru Rate List April 2020. Raj Excise Dept new Rate List issued.

1100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years.180 ml665
2100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years.750 ml2570
3100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.180 ml470
4100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.375 ml955
5100 Pipers Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky.750 ml1910
61965 Spirit Of Victory Rare Xxx Rum180 ml140
71965 Spirit Of Victory Rare Xxx Rum375 ml280
81965 Spirit Of Victory Rare Xxx Rum750 ml555
98 Pm Classic Whisky750 ml395
108 Pm Classic Whisky375 ml205
118 Pm Classic Whisky180 ml100
128 Pm Premium Black Exquisite Whisky180 ml165
138 Pm Premium Black Exquisite Whisky750 ml665
148 Pm Premium Black Exquisite Whisky375 ml335
158 Pm Special Rare Whisky375 ml215
168 Pm Special Rare Whisky180 ml105
178 Pm Special Rare Whisky750 ml430
18A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky375 ml205
19A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky750 ml410
20A.C. S.E.K.C. Whisky180 ml100
21Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky180 ml165
22Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky375 ml335
23Ac Black Luxury Pure Grain Whisky750 ml665
24All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky180 ml165
25All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky750 ml665
26All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky375 ml335
27All Seasons Golden Collection Reserve Whisky90 ML(100 Bottles)80
28Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky180 ml245
29Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky375 ml500
30Antiquity Blue Ultra Platinum Whisky750 ml995
31Aristocrat Extra Dry Gin750 ml395
32Aristocrat Extra Dry Gin180 ml100
33Becks Ice Pure Strength650 ML180
34Bira91 Blonde Summer Lager Beer330 ML160
35Bira91 Blonde Summer Lager Beer650 ML310
36Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged And Rare Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1910
37Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged And Rare Blended Scotch Whisky375 ml955
38Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged And Rare Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml470
39Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky375 ml1300
40Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml2600
41Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml640
42Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky375 ml620
43Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky180 ml310
44Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky750 ml1235
45Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky750 ml955
46Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky375 ml475
47Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky180 ml240
48Captain Morgan The Original Rum750 ml545
49Captain Morgan The Original Rum375 ml275
50Captain Morgan The Original Rum180 ml135
51Carlsberg Classic Strong Beer650 ML180
52Carlsberg Smooth Premium Mild Lager330 ML100
53Carlsberg Smooth Premium Mild Lager650 ML190
54Episode Classic Whisky180 ml100
55Episode Classic Whisky750 ml410
56Episode Classic Whisky375 ml210
57Fosters Lager Beer.650 ML130
58God Father Super Strong High Power Beer650 ML130
59God Father Super Strong High Power Beer330 ML65
60Godfather The Legendary Original Strong Beer650 ML150
61Haywards 2000 H2k Super Strong Beer650 ML120
62Haywards 5000 Premium Super Strong Beer330 ML75
63Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer650 ML130
64Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer500 ml (24 cans)115
65Heineken Lager Beer330 ML185
66Heineken Lager Beer650 ML320
67Imperial Blue Superior Grain Whisky375 ml280
68Imperial Blue Superior Grain Whisky750 ml550
69Imperial Blue Superior Grain Whisky180 ml140
70Imperial Red Rum375 ml275
71Imperial Red Rum750 ml550
72Imperial Red Rum180 ml140
73King Fisher Strong Premium Beer650 ML130
74King Fisher Strong Premium Beer330 ML75
75Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer330 ML75
76Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer650 ML125
77Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer Can500 ml (24 cans)110
78Kingfisher Storm Super Strong Beer650 ML165
79Kingfisher Storm Super Strong Beer500 ml (24 cans)145
80Kingfisher Ultra Max Super Premium Strong Beer500 ml (24 cans)175
81Kingfisher Ultra Max Super Premium Strong Beer650 ML220
82Kingfisher Ultra Max Super Premium Strong Beer330 ML125
83Kingfisher Ultra Premium Lager Beer330 ML115
84Kingfisher Ultra Premium Lager Beer650 ML205
85Kingfishersuper Strong Premium Beer Can500 ml (24 cans)115
86Kotsberg Strong Premium Beer500 ml (24 cans)145
87Kotsberg Strong Premium Beer650 ML175
88Limanov Premium Distilled Plain Vodka750 ml410
89Limanov Premium Distilled Plain Vodka375 ml205
90Limanov Premium Distilled Plain Vodka180 ml100
91Limanov Premium Distilled Vodka Green Apple Flavour180 ml105
92Limanov Premium Distilled Vodka Green Apple Flavour375 ml210
93Limanov Premium Distilled Vodka Green Apple Flavour750 ml410
94Limanov Premium Distilled Vodka Orange Flavour750 ml410
95Limanov Premium Distilled Vodka Orange Flavour375 ml210
96Limanov Premium Distilled Vodka Orange Flavour180 ml105
97M-2 Magic Moments Remix Smooth Flavoured Vodka Green Apple375 ml310
98M-2 Magic Moments Remix Smooth Flavoured Vodka Green Apple180 ml150
99M-2 Magic Moments Remix Smooth Flavoured Vodka Green Apple750 ml615
100M-2 Magic Moments Remix Smooth Flavoured Vodka Orange180 ml150
101M-2 Magic Moments Remix Smooth Flavoured Vodka Orange750 ml615
102M-2 Magic Moments Remix Smooth Flavoured Vodka Orange375 ml310
103M2 Magic Moments Remix Grapefruit & Watermelon Smooth Flavoured Vodka375 ml310
104M2 Magic Moments Remix Grapefruit & Watermelon Smooth Flavoured Vodka180 ml150
105M2 Magic Moments Remix Grapefruit & Watermelon Smooth Flavoured Vodka750 ml615
106M2 Magic Moments Verve Orange Premium Flavoured Vodka180 ml230
107M2 Magic Moments Verve Orange Premium Flavoured Vodka750 ml930
108M2 Magic Moments Verve Orange Premium Flavoured Vodka375 ml470
109M2 Magic Moments Verve Premium Vodka180 ml245
110M2 Magic Moments Verve Premium Vodka375 ml485
111M2 Magic Moments Verve Premium Vodka750 ml925
112Magic Moments Smooth Grain Vodka375 ml280
113Magic Moments Smooth Grain Vodka180 ml140
114Magic Moments Smooth Grain Vodka750 ml560
115Mahou Cinco Estrellas Premium Beer330 ML100
116Mahou Cinco Estrellas Premium Beer650 ML175
117Mahou Cinco Estrellas Premium Beer500 ml (24 cans)140
118Mahou Clasica Premium Beer330 ML100
119Mahou Clasica Premium Beer500 ml (24 cans)140
120Mahou Clasica Premium Beer650 ML180
121Mahou Maestra Wheat Premium Beer500 ml (24 cans)190
122Mahou Maestra Wheat Premium Beer330 ML150
123Mc Dowells No.1 Deluxe Collection Whisky375 ml280
124Mc Dowells No.1 Deluxe Collection Whisky180 ml135
125Mc Dowells No.1 Deluxe Collection Whisky90 ml70
126Mc Dowells No.1 Deluxe Collection Whisky750 ml550
127Mcdowells No.1 Deluxe Whisky90 ml70
128Mcdowells No.1 Deluxe Whisky180 ml135
129Mcdowells No.1 Deluxe Whisky750 ml550
130Mcdowells No.1 Deluxe Whisky375 ml280
131Mcdowells No.1 Luxury Premium Collection Whisky180 ml135
132Mcdowells No.1 Luxury Premium Collection Whisky375 ml280
133Mcdowells No.1 Luxury Premium Collection Whisky750 ml550
134Mcdowells No.1 Luxury Premium Collection Whisky90 ml70
135Mcdowells No.1 Luxury Premium Whisky750 ml550
136Mcdowells No.1 Luxury Premium Whisky375 ml280
137Mcdowells No.1 Luxury Premium Whisky180 ml135
138Mcdowells No.1 Platinum Reserve Whisky375 ml330
139Mcdowells No.1 Platinum Reserve Whisky750 ml655
140Mcdowells No.1 Platinum Reserve Whisky180 ml160
141Morpheus Xo Blended Premium Brandy180 ml235
142Morpheus Xo Blended Premium Brandy750 ml950
143Morpheus Xo Blended Premium Brandy375 ml475
144O Pm Orange Opm Triple Distilled Luxury Spirited Russian Vod180 ml230
145O Pm Orange Opm Triple Distilled Luxury Spirited Russian Vod750 ml920
146Oasis London High Triple Distilled English Vodka Orange Flav90 ML(100 Bottles)75
147Oasis London High Triple Distilled English Vodka Orange Flav750 ml615
148Oasis London High Triple Distilled English Vodka Orange Flav375 ml310
149Oasis London High Triple Distilled English Vodka Orange Flav180 ml150
150Officers Choice Blue Classic Grain Whisky90 ML(100 Bottles)70
151Officers Choice Blue Classic Grain Whisky750 ml550
152Officers Choice Blue Classic Grain Whisky375 ml280
153Officers Choice Blue Classic Grain Whisky180 ml140
154Officers Choice Classic Whisky750 ml410
155Officers Choice Classic Whisky375 ml205
156Officers Choice Classic Whisky180 ml100
157Original Bira 91 Strong Beer650 ML265
158Original Bira 91 White Beer330 ML200
159Peter Scot Black Single Malt Whisky750 ml4410
160Peter Scot Malt Whisky375 ml485
161Peter Scot Malt Whisky180 ml245
162Peter Scot Malt Whisky750 ml965
163Red Knight Finest Malt Blended Whisky750 ml665
164Red Knight Finest Malt Blended Whisky180 ml165
165Red Knight Finest Malt Blended Whisky375 ml335
166Rockford Classic Finest Blended Whisky750 ml990
167Rockford Classic Finest Blended Whisky180 ml250
168Rockford Classic Finest Blended Whisky375 ml500
169Royal Challenge Classic Premium Whisky375 ml335
170Royal Challenge Classic Premium Whisky750 ml665
171Royal Challenge Classic Premium Whisky180 ml165
172Royal Challenge Classic Premium Whisky90 ml80
173Royal Green Classic Blended Whisky375 ml335
174Royal Green Classic Blended Whisky180 ml165
175Royal Green Classic Blended Whisky750 ml665
176Royal Stag Barrel Select Whisky750 ml785
177Royal Stag Barrel Select Whisky375 ml395
178Royal Stag Barrel Select Whisky180 ml200
179Royal Stag Delux Whisky90 ML(100 Bottles)80
180Royal Stag Delux Whisky750 ml665
181Royal Stag Delux Whisky180 ml165
182Royal Stag Delux Whisky375 ml335
183Signature Premier Grain Whisky.750 ml990
184Signature Premier Grain Whisky.180 ml245
185Signature Premier Grain Whisky.375 ml495
186Signature Rare Aged Whisky375 ml480
187Signature Rare Aged Whisky750 ml955
188Signature Rare Aged Whisky180 ml240
189Sterling Reserve B10 Exclusive Blended Whisky375 ml475
190Sterling Reserve B10 Exclusive Blended Whisky750 ml955
191Sterling Reserve B10 Exclusive Blended Whisky180 ml240
192Sterling Reserve B7 Deluxe Blended Whisky180 ml165
193Sterling Reserve B7 Deluxe Blended Whisky750 ml665
194Sterling Reserve B7 Deluxe Blended Whisky375 ml335
195Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky60 ml185
196Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml2305
197Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky375 ml1155
198Teachers 50 Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml580
199Teachers Golden Thistle Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml3475
200Teachers Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky180 ml455
201Teachers Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky60 ml150
202Teachers Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml1800
203Teachers Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky375 ml900
204Teachers Origin Blended Scotch Whisky60 ml215
205Teachers Origin Blended Scotch Whisky750 ml2660
206The Generation Premium Blended Whisky180 ml240
207The Generation Premium Blended Whisky375 ml475
208The Generation Premium Blended Whisky750 ml955
209The Hawkston Nobel Reserve Superior Quality Whisky180 ml165
210The Hawkston Nobel Reserve Superior Quality Whisky375 ml335
211The Hawkston Nobel Reserve Superior Quality Whisky750 ml670
212The Rockford Reserve Fine And Rare Whisky750 ml1230
213The Rockford Reserve Fine And Rare Whisky375 ml615
214The Rockford Reserve Fine And Rare Whisky180 ml305
215Tuborg Classic Gold Strong Beer650 ML150
216Tuborg Premium Mild Beer330 ML75
217Tuborg Premium Mild Beer650 ML125
218Tuborg Strong Beer650 ML130
219Tuborg Strong Beer330 ML75

Contact & Helpline Number


(A Government of Rajasthan Undertaking)
Ist Floor, ‘D’-Block, Vitta Bhawan,
Janpath, JAIPUR, Rajasthan (302005)
Phones: + 91-141-2744239
Fax- + 91-141-2744237

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