Mitron India Tik Tok App Download Mobile App. Is it Govt Official Tik Tok App?

India Mobile App Similar to Tik Tok: Soon after the launch of Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan by PM Modi on 12 May 2020, people are sharing to STOP/ Uninstall Tik-Tok and download Indian Version (Alternative) of Tik-tok that is developed in India. This Mobile App is Mitron which has approx similar features (Photo/ Live Streaming/ Video/ GIF/ Followers/ Security and Profile creating).

Tik Tok Mobile App is developed by Chinese Company and is most popular in India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangaladesh (Southern Asia). In the campaign, user are also giving bad rating 1 Point on the Google Play Store. With 2,58,81,042 users, the average rating is 1.6 (which is very bad) 15 days back it was 4.0.

India Tik Tok App Download

Developed and Maintained by Indian Developer First and Most downloaded alternative of Tik Tok is a Mitron App. It has been developed by Mitron TV. The official website “” is showing error message 504 Gateway Timeout.

Brief details about India Mobile App Copy/ Similar to Tik Tok Fully App. You can also download .APK (Mitron App).

Name of the App Mitron
Version 1.2.9
Date of Update 22 May 2020
Dept. Social
Features Live, Video, Audio, Photo, Friends, Group
App Android Phone || iPhone || Winwodws
Developer Mitron TV
Official Website
Download .APK  Mitron App (.APK) Download

How to Create Mitron Profile Account

To create a profile in Mitron Social Media Account. You need to follow below steps:

Step 1: Seach “Mitron” or directly download the Mitron App (.APK or Directly from Google Play Store) or Apple Store or Windows App store.

mitron app download

Install this App in your Phone.

Step 2: After installation, Click on “Open” . Mitron Default homepage will open.

Step 3: You can enjoy free updates/ videos from the mitron App. But to comment/ like or upload your videos. You need to create your file. Its easy.

Step 4: Create your Mitron Social Profile >> Click on Profile

mitron profile

Select Google Account. and follow the instruction. Your profile will be ready in 2 minutes.

Enjoy Mitron Mobile App.

Features of Mitron App

  1. Live Streaming
  2. Upload Video
  3. Audio
  4. Short Stories
  5. Fully Clips
  6. Live Camera Broadcasting

Tik Tok vs Mitron App (Which is Better)

Features Tik Tok App Mitron App
Basic UI
User login Social network accounts
Email and password
Social network accounts
User profile Profile picture
Contact details
Phone number
Profile picture
Contact details
Phone number
Geolocation features Users can share the location where a video or photo was taken. Not Available
Posting Users can post

  • Images 
  • Videos

Users can apply editing tools

  • Effects
  • Filters
  • Smileys
  • Emoticons
Users can post

  • Images 
  • Videos

Users can apply editing tools

  • Effects
  • Filters
  • Smileys
  • Emoticons
Search Username
Social sharing

Mitron App Complaint & Support

Have you updated the App? In case you are facing issue or report a video/ user profile. Please contact to the supoort and helpline of Mitron App. The dedicated helpdesk and support team is available to help you. Here are few complaints registered:-

  1. .Video upload issue
  2. Mitron App is very slow. The loading of Video is slow.
  3. Signup issue.
  4. videos automatically deleted
  5. Technical issue
  6. profile is creating @mruta (But I want to change it)
  7. Trim video is not available/ Video editor – adding music issue.
  8.  Profile photo was not able to upload

Also, the official website is showing error “504 Gateway Time-out”. is also not available.

Download Mitron App Android App
Official Website
Download Mitron App (Apk) Mitron App.APK

FAQ – Miron App

✅ Who is the founder of Mitron App?

The Mitron App is developed by Indian Developer Company called Mitron TV. The official website is It is an alternative to Tik-Tok App. Very popular in India.

✅ What is the best features of Mitron App?

Mitron Social/ Fun App can be used for Live Streaming, Photo, Video sharing, Camera, Filter and Follow users.

✅ Can I earn Money using Mitron App?

There is no affiliate or publisher account available on Mitron App. At present Mitron App is not providing any earning using posting of Videos.

✅ Is Miron App is available for iOS?

No, the Miron App is not yet available for Apple iOS smartphones.

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