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Download APK or Know Short Codes Cheats & Hacks for FAUJ/ FAUJI or FAUG Mobile Game by nCore Games: The Beta Version of FAU-G is now available for Android (4.5) and iOS (7.0) and above. This is a Royal Battle Game/ Multiplayer Shooting as well as Terrorist Battle Gaming. The Player will have to choose the Map, Drop Location, Choose Guns, backpacks, med-kits, and grenades. If we told you that there are Cheat Code that will allow getting your BEST GUN with Maximum Kills.  The Hacking/ Cheat .APK allows you to do that.

IF you have heard in PUBG Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, where Chicken Dinner is the reward that a gamer wins after emerging as a sole survivor in the PUBG game. But now, PUBG is Banned in India, so is the Chicken Dinner. To win a Chicken Dinner was not easy. (Survivor of the fittest rule).

Similarly, in FAU-G Game, Key point is to Hide in Bushes/ Car/ Under Plank to survive & not get killed. The Reward is yet to be revealed by nCore Games.

FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards: Download FAUG Game App (26 Jan 2021) – Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd.

FAUG App Trailer – Download .APK

nCore Games has released the first look of FAUJ Games with Gallowan Valley Fight with China.

FAUJ Cheat Code & Hacks

1.  Drop Location: It is very important to choose from. In FAUG loot is all over the place, but there are some locations better than the others. Here are the best place to choose DROP LOCATION.

  1. On the Trishul Tower
  2. School
  3. Cricket Group
  4. Baba Villa
  5. Military Base
  6. Hospital & buildings

What will he the Weapons/ Guns you will get?
Answer: The Location/ Drop Location will allow you to get the best Gears & Weapons:  AK127, Groza, AWM, QBZ 95, M249, SKS, M416, Scar-L & AKM.

Which Car/ Bike can I get in FAUJ?
You get the Indian Royal Buick Super, Morris Minor, and Delahay.

Note: Make the Circles and follow Teamwork

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Best Sniper Rifles in FAUJ Game

Here are the list of Best Guns in FAU-G Mobile Game:

Sniper Rifle :

  • INRif 70
  • AWM
  • Win 94
  • Kar20K
  • M24
  • VSS Vintorez
  • SKS
  • Mini 14
  • M16A4

PUBG Best Sniper Loadout: AWM, M16A4, Smoke Grenade 8x CQBSS Scope, Suppressor, Compensator

PUBG Sniper Attachments (Addon)

  • Flash Hider: M24, AWM, SKS, Kar98K
  • Compensator: M24, AWM, SKS, Kar98K

PUBG Cheat Codes and Hacks (Know Before Use Cheat Codes)

nCore Games is ready with Beta Version of FAU-G Game. The Company will take care/ monitor the game for possible cheat codes or hacks which are being used during gameplay. In other words, it is also called “ArjunEye” by which the HACK/ CHEAT CODES are not possible in FAUJ/ FAUJI Gaming App.

  1. In case, you are using the Cheat Codes or Hacks, if you are spotted by the ArjunEye, then SERVER will reduce your rating and throws you out of the game.
  2. At start your MERIT RATING is 100. Which is the default for all players? But it goes down as your kill/ hurt your own teammate. So, If you goes down to 50 MERIT RATING, you will not able to participate in the Group/ Team battle.
  3. For this, you have to play SOLO and increase Merit Ratings.
  4. Always move from cover to cover. Remember to keep scanning your surroundings so that you don’t get ambushed. Better be safe than sorry.
  5. This is a Skill Game, So you have to Hide and Survive- Keep you kill shots high also.
  6. Try to find a suppressor for the last stages
  7. In case of enemy appears suddenly, go prone or at least crouch and then shoot. Doing this mostly means the enemy has to stop shooting so as to aim down. That’s your window. Shoot them to the high heavens!
  8. Use the scopes and gun-specific attachments like Flash Hider, Suppressor, Compensator. (Customize as per your choice).
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