Who and What is Power & Duties of Pro-Tem Speaker in Maharashtra

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BJP Kalidas Kolambkar is new Pro Tem Speaker in Maharashtra Nov 2019: He is an eight-term member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. Kalidas Kolambkar was elected from the Wadala of Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. After the Supreme Court, today has asked the Governor to take the floor test on 27th November at 5 PM.

The BJP Devendra Fadnavis has submitted his resignation letter in front of Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari. After that, Governor has appointed BJP MLA Kalidas Kolambkar as a pro-tem Speaker of the Assembly. The eight-time Wadala MLA Kolambkar was one of the candidates recommended for the post to the governor. The governor has administered the oath to Kolambkar as pro-tem speaker of the assembly.

Power of Pro Tem Speaker

POWERS of Pro Tem Speaker

Here are the powers of Pro Tem Speaker of Maharashtra or any states. The Pro-Term is a Latin phrase that translates to for the ‘time being’ in English. So the Pro-tem Speaker is a temporary speaker appointed for a limited period of time.

The need for pro- tem speaker: The speaker of the Lok Sabha/ legislative assembly vacates the office immediately before the first meeting of the newly elected house. Hence President/ governor appoints the pro-tem speaker to preside over the sittings of the house.

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How the Pro-Tem is Appointed

  • Usually the senior-most member is elected as the pro-tem speaker.
  • The president/governor will administer the oath of the office for the pro-tem speaker.
  • When the house elects the new speaker the office of the pro-tem speaker ceases to exist. Hence the office of the pro-tem speaker is a temporary one which will be in existence for a few days.

Powers & Work of Pro-Tem Speaker

Duties and functions:

  1. The main duty of the pro-tem speaker is to administer the oath to the newly elected members.
  2. Pro-tem also enables the house to elect the new speaker.


  1. When it said the “powers of the Speaker pro-tem are co-extensive with the powers of elected Speaker”.
  2. The pro-tem speaker also has same powers, privileges as that of the Speaker.
  3. Pro-tem is Speaker of the House “for all purposes with all powers, privileges, and immunities” until the Speaker is elected.

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