Products Missing in Jio Mart Order

Name: Sathish Kumar Complaint Registered
State: Tamil Nadu

I have ordered 10 items, out 10 items 2 are missing

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Rusk

The delivery person said, everything is inside the box. after I called and informed about the missing products to the delivery person. he said, he will mark the missing product and your money will be refunded within 3 days.

Order No: 15975762849217389A-01

Complaint Status: Approved
Current Status: RESOLVED

Request: Very Urgent

Complaint Suggestion

Hi Sathish
As your complaint is regarding Product Missing (Coco Oil and Rusk). In such case, you have to report it to the Jio Mart CS Team, They will reply/ support you.
Please call on 02261220220, 7000370003 or Email to the [email protected].

You will surely get assistance.
Have a great day.

Note: This is not an official JioMart support or customer care service portal. We help, give suggestion and guide customers. You can always reach JioMart customer support via website/ app. If you more question, leave comment via comment box below.

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