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Airtel FASTag Complaint Online Customer Care Helpdesk: Facing issue with the Airlte Fast Tag? Or your Tag is blacklisted – Toll in rejecting FASTag. Call the Airtel FASTAg Customer Care Number to activate Tag. Recharge issue or Apply for Duplicate FASTag?

Here, you can submit online complaint. We will resolve your issue. Submit Online Airtel FASTag Complaint. Get Assistance/ Support.

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Airtel Fastag Customer Care

Airtel FASTag Fees and Charges

The charges applicable on Airtel Payments Bank Tag are as follows:

Tag Joining Fee (One-time Fee) 100/- ( including all applicable taxes)
Tag Re-issuance Fee (One-time Fee) 100/- ( including all applicable taxes)
One-time Security Deposit Amount
Vehicle Class Tag Colors Description Security Deposit (in Rs.) Threshold Amount (in Rs.)
Car / Jeep / Van 200 150
Light Commercial vehicle 2-axle 200 300
Bus– 3 axle 200 500
Truck – 3 axle 200 500
Bus 2 axle / Minibus, Truck 2 axle 200 500
Tractor / Tractor with trailer, Truck 4, 5 & 6 -axle 200 500
Truck 7-axle and above 200 500
Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machinery 200 700

Note: Submit online complaint or contact Airtel FAst tag customer care helpline number.

Airtel FASTag Customer Care

Phone Number 400 (from Airtel) 8800688006 (from any other Network)
Email Id
Grievance Cell Info
FAQ Section FAQ and Terms of Use
Address Bharti Crescent 1, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, Phase – II New Delhi – 110 070, India Tel. No. : 91 11 4666 6100, Fax No. : 91 11 4666 6411

Airtel FASTag Info

Company Name Airtel FASTag
Business Info FASTag, Airtel FASTag, Renew FASTag, new Fastag, Recharge Issue, Blocked Fastag, Customer Care Airtel FASTag
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Name: Alok Kumar Bhugra Complaint Registered on (January 9, 2021 11:28 am)
State: Rajasthan

Dear sir,

2 nd of January, I purchase Fastag of Airtel,  but today it was not working,  Pls suggest solutions


Alok Bhugra
(Airtel Fastag not working)

Status of Complaint: Approved
Request: Very Urgent
Solution Provided

Hi Alok,
You need to contact to Airtel FASTag Customer Care at 400 (from Airtel) 8800688006 (from any other Network). Check the current status of FASTag at Airtel Mobile App.

Name: Raju Complaint Registered on (December 31, 2020 5:44 pm)
State: Karnataka

My Airtel Fastag account is blacklisted at NPCI by airtel bank in spite of having a sufficient balance. I wrote to we care customer care and made 100+ calls to Airtel customer service. Airtel does know how to resolve this issue.
(Useless Airtel Fastag)

Status of Complaint: Approved
Request: Very Urgent
Solution Provided

Name: Karthik E Complaint Registered on (December 14, 2020 8:17 am)
State: Tamil Nadu

Hi Sir / Madam,

I had requested fastag via airtel payments bank on 3 december 2020. unfortunately it still in validating order status and the helpdesk is not responding properly with an SLA for the validation process. I kindly request you to expedite and deliver the fastag to my address at the earliest.

With Kind Regards,

(Fastag is in validating queue for more than 10 working days.)

Status of Complaint: Approved
Request: Very Urgent
Solution Provided

Hi Karthik,
Due to High Demand of FASTag ID’s, You can always check status at Aitel Thanks App. In case, you don’t get FASTag in 20 working days. (3 weeks). You can create a support ticket on FASTag App.

Name: ganesh bhawsar Complaint Registered on (December 13, 2020 7:23 pm)
State: Maharashtra

i had paid toll amount in cash but still amount got deducted  from my  fast tag account

(Money deducted from account at toll even after cash payments)

Status of Complaint: Approved
Request: Urgent
Solution Provided

Hi ganesh bhawsar
You need to contact the Toll Administration regarding double toll amount paid.
They will refund you. Show your Toll Slip (CASH) and Airtel FASTag Amount Payment.
Good day.

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