State Bank Phishing Page OnlineSBI.Digital Fraud during COVID-19

SBI Netbanking Fraud April 2020: At the time of COVID-19 Lockdown. There is a large number of Banking Fraud going on. One of such Fraud is SBI Phishing Page designed the same as of SBIONLINE NetBanking Webpage.

SBI SMS Fraud 9223040040 BW-SCISMS

At the time of Coronavirus Lockdown, some of the Hackers are targeting customer by SMS Forward to 9223040040. Please contact SBI Customer Service Before taking any action. SBI Never ask OTP or Credit Card, Profile Password. Never Share Banking/ Account details, anyone, via WhatsApp, SMS, Email.

Due to COVID19 if you wish to defer Standing Instructions for EMI of your loan Ac x6683 upto May’20, please forward this SMS to 9223040040 by 23.04.20. But Interest liability will increase. Please do not share your OTP with anyone as Bank never asks for it.

After your forward the SMS, you may get the new SMS by SBI.

sbi sms forward emi defer fraud

ALERT: You have accessed profile section of your Internet Banking on 17/04/2020 at 02:14 AM. If not, please change your passwords immediately. Download YONO

News & Update: Now, Chrome Brower is showing Phishing Page and Alert the User.

Deceptive site ahead

Attackers on jx– may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards). Help improve Chrome security by sending URLs of some pages you visit, limited system information, and some page content to Google. Google Safe Browsing recently detected phishing on jx– Phishing sites pretend to be other websites to trick you.

SBI Fraud OnlineSBI.Digital Website

Some Hackers are sending SMS and Email to the customer of State Bank of India (SBI). They are telling that you need to change the Profile Password otherwise ONLINE SBI Net Banking Facility will be blocked for you.

Some of the customer has already reported to SBI Customer Service Center for this.

Fraud SMS/ Email/ WhatsApp or Telegram Message:

Dear customer, Your profile password has not been updated from last 180 days. Please update your account information at to continue SBI online facilities.

sbi fraud covid19

NOTE: Never share or click on the Site that are not official. ( is the official site of State Bank of India.

How they are stealing Password of SBI Netbanking:-

Do not follow the steps – Just to show that Hackers are stealinh your OTP, ID and Password.

  1. When you click on the (FAKE SITE)
  2. You will get redirected to Page: “https://jx–” Which is a Phishing Site. The webpage is similar to SBI.
  3. Here, if you provide your UserName and Password. Then your details will be saved on the .txt file at the Fraudster (Hackers) Server.
  4. After that, you will be redirected to “https://jx–” to change your USERNAME AND PASSWORD.

onlinesbi fraud april 2020

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

Dear customer, You have not updated your profile password from last 180 days. Please update it to continue online facilities.

My Accounts & Profile >>   Profile >>>   Change Passwords

After you enter OLD Password, New Password and Re-Enter New Password. It will redirect to you on official SBI Netbanking Site “”

Do not share your password with anyone. In case your password is leaked. Please change it as soon as possible.

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