{Mama Viral Checker} Compulsory Deposit Act-1963 Corona Lockdown 18% Income Tax

A Viral WhatsApp Message is saying that Govt. of India is planning to implement the CDA-1963 (Income Tax Payers Act 1974) in which Govt. will take 18% Income Tax from all Tax Payer, Govt. Employee, Property owners etc.

Below is the VIRAL Message:

Be prepared to shell out money. The government is planning to bring in CDA-1963. The Compulsory Deposit Act -1963 applies to all taxpayers, all government, property owners, and all government employees

It should be noted that such measures are not unprecedented. In the aftermath of 1962 and 1971 wars, much stronger measures have been instituted. The Compulsory Deposit  (ITP) Act 1974 forced taxpayers to deposit up to 18% of the income in the scheme.

After that, we have tried to check the authenticity of this Viral Message. In the first look, this is FAKE and Govt. has not released such notification or discussing ITP Act 1974.

The Press Information Beurew (PIB) Fact Check (#PIBFactCheck:) has already tweeted about the VIRAL Message.

viral message CDA Act 1963 Income tax payer 1974 viral message fact

Claim: WhatsApp forward claims Government is going to bring in Act to have 18% income deposited by all taxpayers

Fact: No such move being discussed by the Government. This is a figment of imagination aimed at scaremongering. Please do not forward any such #FakeNews

READ About  >> The Compulsory Deposit Scheme (Income- Tax Payers) Act, 1974

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