UP Jan Sahayak App Download Uttar Pradesh Bank Slot Booking, Cash Delivery at Home

UP Jan Sahayak Mobile App (.APK) Download: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the Coronavirus Lockdown meeting has asked officials to launch “UP Jan Sahayak Yojana 2020” to help people to book Bank Slot, Order Groceries from Nearby Shops, Milk, Vegetable, Cash Delivery at Home, Medicine orders, etc. Similar to this, Haryana Govt has launched “Haryana Help ME App – Jan Sahayak Mobile Application”. The India Post has also started helping using the Dak Mitra App.

यूपी जन सहयोग मोबाइल ऐप के जरिए उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार नागरिकों को घर बैठे सुविधाएं देने योजना बना रही है| कोरोना वायरस लोकडाउन के चलते सोशल डिस्टेंसिंग एक बहुत बड़ा चैलेंज है सरकार ने इसको मध्य रखते हुए मोबाइल ऐप लॉन्च करेंगे जिससे कि आप घर बैठे सुविधाएं दे सकते हैं:

up jan sahayak app

  1. घर बैठे 1000 से ₹10000 तक निकलवाए
  2. पास की दुकान से राशन का सामान मंगवाए
  3. दूध, सब्जी, फल इत्यादि के लिए 2 घंटे का पास बनवाएं
  4. घर बैठे दवाई आर्डर करें
  5. बैंक में स्लॉट बुक करें

Download UP Jan Sahayak App

झारखंड सरकार ने भी कुछ दिन पहले बाजार ऐप लॉन्च की थी जिसमें आप अपने 2 किलोमीटर की नजदीकी दुकानों से घर बैठे ऑर्डर कर सकते हैं या फिर 2 घंटे के लिए एम पास भी बनवा सकते हैं|

कोरोना वायरस लोक डाउन मैं लोगों को एक जगह इकट्ठा एवं भीड़ से बचाना होता है इसीलिए उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार यह मोबाइल ऐप लॉन्च करेगी|

Name of the App Jan Sahayak
Date of Release 27 April 2020 (Tentative)
Dept. Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
State All Districts of UP
App Android Phone || iPhone (Not Available)
Developer NIC. Lucknow
Services Home Delivery, Ration, Cash Delivery, Groceries Order, etc
Official Website
Download App Jan Sahayak

Note: The NIC Jan Sahap App will be available as soon as it is approved by UP Govt.

UP Help Me App Registration Process

The registration is compulsory to get services offered by Jan Sahayak/ Help Me App. Check and follow the steps to register your account on UP Corona Jan Sahayak.

STEP 1: Download the official App from Google Play Store (direct link is given below).

STEP 2: Install and Give all permission asked i.e .GPS, SMS, Contacts, Storage, Camera etc.

STEP 3: Enter your mobile number – Verify it with the OTP (SMS)

STEP 4: After verification, you need to enter your HOME Address (GPS Location), Create your Profile – Name, Age, Gender etc. (Also Aadhaar Number may be asked).

STEP 5: Go to the Online Services Section or Click on Home Screen. You will get all the SERVICES i.e.  CASH Delivery at Home, Order Medicine Online, Grocery order nearby Shop, Get Ration.

Jan Sahayata App Official Website
Jan Sahayata App Download Google Play Store
Dak Mitra Mobile App (.APK) Cash Home Delivery

FAQ UP Jan Sahayak Yojana App


✅ Where can I download UP Jan Sahayak App?

The Jan Sahayak App is only available for Android smartphones. You can download UP Jan Sahayak Mobile App from Google Play Store.

✅ What are the services offered by UP Jan Sahayak App?

Following are the services can be availed under the Jan Sahayak App:- Cash delivery at home, Order medicine, Oder Groceries from nearby Shops, Oder Fruits, Vegetable, Book Bank Slots etc.

✅ How to register for the Jan Sahayak Yojana 2020

You have to download UP Jan Sahayak Mobile Application. Verify Mobile Number, Create your profile. After this, you can avail the services.

✅ Is UP Jan Sahayak (.APK) Available?

No, till now Uttar Pradesh Govt has not published/ upload the App on Google Play Store. So, .APK is also not available.

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