FASTag Status Check Online (Active or Not) – New FASTag Activate Online

Activate FASTag Online: National Electronic Toll Collection Network (NETC) is the Program started by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), IHMCL and developed by NPCI. From 1 Dec 2019 onward, the Vehicle without FASTag is not allowed to pass through FASTag Lane or you need to pay double toll amount. The people are registering “ONLINE FASTag” from various websites (HDFC, ICICI, PAYTM, SBI, PNB, AIRTEL, AMAZON).

Usually, it takes 48 hours to activate the FASTag. The process is as follows:-

  • Order Placement
  • Validating the documents
  • Delivery of FASTag
  • Activating the FASTag

The NETC System consists of the following types of participants:

  1. VehicleOwner
  2. Toll PlazaOperator
  3. Issuers
  4. Acquirers
  5. NPCI

Check Status of FASTag

Is your FASTag is blacklisted or disconnected? You can check the status of FASTag online. At present, there are total of 23 live members who are providing FASTag issuing service. They also provide online registration of new FASTag. In case, you are facing issue that Toll Plaza is not able to read FASTag, or your FASTag is not active.

Here, we are sharing information that you can contact and follow to resolve such issues in FASTag.

  1. In case, you have applied for the NEW FASTag, then you need to wait for at least 48 hours. (Check FASTag 48 Hours – Complaints)
  2. If after 48 hours, your FASTag is not active >> You need to contact the FASTag (Check Customer Care & Support)
  3. Online Status of FASTag using the Mobile Number/ Vehicle Registration Number of FASTag ID is not possible.
  4. The transaction history is available only at the FASTag issuer APP or Website.

New FASTag Activate Online

Have you purchased new FASTag? and want to active it online. Please read the details if (Possible) or not. The NPCI has developed ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) system for National Highways Toll Plaza.

  • Toll Plaza has the FASTag detector/ RFID device
  • The vehicle has to use FASTag sticker.

In the FASTag, you must have checked ID (FASTag) – You need to login to the FASTag APP or Website. Manual activation by the user is not allowed.

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