COVID-19 Lockdown Symphony Air Cooler Buy Online Home Delivery

Symphony Air Cooler Buy Online April/ May 2020: During the Lockdown till 14 April 2020, every business, shop, and online e-commerce sites are not selling Electronics Items including Air Coolers, Refrigerator, A.C, Water Coolers etc. Due to the COVID-19 Epidemic, only essential services are operational. Symphony Air Coolers has manufacturing in India, USA, Mexico, China & Australia.

Symphony is regarded as the best Air Cooler Brand in India. The 21 Days of lockdown period is going to end on 12th April 2020. But, the number of COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day. The Odisha CM has extended Lockdown till 30 April 2020. Hon’ble PM of India, Narendra Modi has also hinted that Lockdown may be extended because that is the best way we can stop spreading of Coronavirus.

COVID-19 Lockdown Update: PM Modi on 14th April 2020 said that Corona Virus Lockdown is extended till 3 May 2020. But there will be relaxation by 20 April 2020.

This will also include sale of Air Cooler, AC, Fridge, Summer Cooler, some manufacturing industry will open from 20th April 2020. Till then BE AT HOME and STAY SAFE.

The Home Service of Symphony Air Cooler is also affected. As per the official notice by Symphony, till 14 April 2020, Service Executive will not be available for Home Service.

Symphony Air Cooler Buy Online (COVID-19) Lockdown

We are already in April 2020, the temperature is rising so most of the northern part of India (i.e. Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, MP, Bihar, Gujarat, and Maharashtra) will be under the SUN Scorching Heat.

Message by Symphony Limited

Dear valued customer,

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to reiterate our commitment to the safety of our customers, employees and communities. In solidarity with India’s collective efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19, our Customer Support Center and Field Operations will not be functional until April 15, 2020.

We value your patronage and deeply regret any inconvenience caused during this period. However, please be rest assured that we are continuously monitoring the situation and will be at your service at the earliest.

Thank you, for your understanding and cooperation. Symphony Air Cooler Buy Online April 2020

Amazon India is the largest E-Commerce Marketplace for Electronics, Consumer need items. Symphony Brand new Air Coolers is already listed in

Buying of SYMPHONY AIR COOLER is not available on due to the Lockdown (COVID-19). Check the latest news & updates by Amazon Home Delivery of Air Coolers.

We are prioritizing delivering existing orders of essential products purchased using pre-paid payment methods. Delivery of new orders could take longer. Delievery UPDATE (10 April 2020)

We have now resumed deliveries in select pin codes of Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Guntur, Gurugram, Hooghly, Howrah, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mohali, Mumbai, Mysuru, Nagpur, New Delhi, Noida, Panjim, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.

Check Today’s Update

Flipkart Symphony Air Cooler Home Delivery Order

Flipkart was the first to suspend all its services due to wake of COVID-19. Below is the message by Flipkart.

Flipkart Lockdown News & Updates

Paused. But not for long.
We are temporarily suspending services.
Your needs remain our priority, and we’re working on delivering them to you as soon as we can.
And we will get through.Together

So, Flipkart is also not accepting online orders for Symphony Air Coolers.

Buy Symphony from Local Shop (Nearby you)

As the temperature is rising the Demand of Coolers and A.C is going to increase. The Local Air Cooler Manufacturers/ Labour has already stopped the manufacturing of Air Cooler due to Coronavirus Lockdown.

You can check the Local Shop selling Symphony by following Steps:

Step1: Go to the official website of Symphony Air Coolers (Symphony Limited)
Step2: Now, you need to Click On “Symphony Care – Chat”

symphony care online chat

Step4: After that, you need to give your name, email Id, Phone Number and PinCode to know the nearest Shop selling Symphony Air Coolers. (Note: The Shop will not deliver during the COVID-19 Lockdown)

Following options will be available after entering PIN CODE >>>>

  • Below are some areas in which I can help you, please select: Sales Inquiry, Service
  • Please select your category: Residential, Industrial/Commercial
  • Which kind of inquiry do you have? Customer, Dealer/Distributor, Bulk Inquiry
  • Here are some options Cooler Selector, Explore Products, Where to buy from?

Using the above way, you will get all the Shop/ Dealers and distributors selling Symphony AIR COOLERS in APRIL/ MAY & JUNE 2020.

Note: In case, you need help. Please comment. We will surely help you.

Symphony New Air Cooler List (April 2020)

Here is the complete new AIR COOLERS of Symphony Brand Company. Bulk orders is also available. You just need to place orders ONLINE via Calling Customer Care service or Online Chat “Symphony Care”

  1. Diet 3D 55i+
  2. Diet 3D 40i
  3. Diet 3D 30i
  4. Home Air Cooler – Diet 3D 20i
  5. Sumo 75XL DD
  6. Sumo 115XL
  7. Sumo 75XL
  8. PortableCooler Winter 80 XL i+
  9. Winter 80 XL +
  10. Winter +
  11. Winter i+
  12. Cloud
  13. Touch 110
  14. Touch 80
  15. Touch 55
  16. Touch 35
  17. Touch 20
  18. Tower Cooler – Storm 100i
  19. Compact Air Cooler -Storm 100T
  20. Desert Air Cooler – Storm 70i
  21. Storm 70C / Storm 70XL
  22. Storm 70T
  23. Sense 50 / Diet 50i Black
  24. DiET 50i
  25. DiET 35T
  26. Sense 22 / Diet 22i Black
  27. DiET 22i
  28. DiET 12T
  29. DiET 12i
  30. DiET 8i
  31. Sumo i
  32. Desert Cooler – Sumo 70
  33. Sumo Jr.
  34. Sense 31 / HiCool i Black
  35. HiCool 45T
  36. HiCool i
  37. Ninja
  38. Jumbo 65+
  39. Ninja 17i for Instant Cooling
  40. Jumbo 65 DB
  41. Jumbo 41i
  42. Jumbo 45 DB
  43. Jumbo 51
  44. Jumbo 70
  45. Siesta 70 XL
  46. Siesta
  47. Ice Cube 17
  48. Jumbo 41
  49. Kaizen 41
  50. Ice Cube 17i
  51. Ice Cube 27
  52. Kaizen 122 DB
  53. Kaizen 151 DB
  54. Silver i
  55. Silver
  56. Window 70 Jet
  57. Window 51 Jet
  58. Window 41 Jet
  59. Wall-Mounted Cooler – Cloud T
  60. Diet 22T ex

Features of Symphony Air Coolers

Here are few Symphony Air Coolers Features:-

  • Runs on the operating cost of a fan.
  • Also works on inverter power
  • Use it inside, use it outside.
  • Delivers fresh, filtered cool air.
  • Digital touchscreen
  • Allergy Filter
  • Bacteria Filter
  • Smell Filter
  • PM2.5 Wash Filter
  • Dust Filter
  • Dura-pump Technology
  • High-Efficiency Cooling Pads For enhanced cooling.
  • Whisper-quiet Performance For a sound sleep.
  • System Restore Function Remembers and restores previous settings.
  • Pop-up panel: Auto pop-up control panel for convenience.
  • Magnetic Remote Worry no more of misplacing it

Features/ Rates of Symphony Air Coolers 2020

Parameters DIET 3D 55i+ DIET3D
For rooms up to (ms)** 60 55 45 30 200 125 110 57 57 23 23 142 135 71 57 42 142 142 127 127 57 57 50 42 42 28 130
Engg. Plastic (blower/fan) Blower Blower Blower Blower Double Fan Fan Fan Double Blower DoubleBlower Blower Blower Double Blower Double Blower Double Blower Blower Blower Fan Fan Blower Fan Blower Blower Blower Blower Blower Blower Fan
Wattage (W)** 230V/50Hz 145 145 145 145 350 185 185 255 255 132 132 205 205 180 270 270 365 205 170 170 170 170 170 170 190
Tank capacity (uptobrim-L}** 55 40 30 20 75 115 75 15 (Expandable) 15(Expandable) 9 9 no 80 20 100 100 70 70 50 50 35 22 22 12 80
i-Pure technology Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto louver movement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cool flow dispenser Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Empty tank alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Float valve (for auto water refill) Yes Optional
Free standard installation* Yes Yes
Easy fill Yes Yes Magic fill Magic fill
+Air fan Yes Yes Yes
Free trolley4
Cooling media Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Aspen Aspen Honeycomb Honeycomb Hybrid Hybrid Aspen Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Aspen Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb Honeycomb
Product dimensions (mm) Length 450 458 380 320 707 707 707 921 921 295 295 763 763 763 470 470 635 635 635 635 430 430 430 300 300 300 630
Breadth 390 390 350 300 480 480 480 330 330 318 318 430 430 430 350 350 500 500 500 500 360 360 360 330 330 330 445
Height 1340 1150 950 833 1798 1288 1073 416 416 692 692 1235 1085 970 813 690 1620 1620 1125 1125 1345 1345 1155 943 943 845 1270
M. R. P. (INR) 11,999 10,999 9,999 8,499 21,999 15,999 12,999 14,999 9,999 6,999 5,999 19,999 16,499 13,999 10,499 7,499 19,999 17,499 17,499 12,999 12,799 11,799 9,299 11,299 10,299 6,799 16,299

Complete List of Air Coolers Symphony 2020 Brochure: Download

FAQ – Symphony Air Coolers Buy Online 2020

✅ Is Symphony Air Cooler Home Delivery in Lockdown?

No, Till 14 April 2020, Symphony is not going to serve online orders because of COVID-19 Lockdown. As soon as the Lockdown is lifted up, Symphony Limited will be home delivering Air Coolers.

✅ Is Amazon India is selling Symphony Air Coolers?

No, is only accepting orders for “Essential Services” during the Coronavirus Lockdown.

✅ Where can I find the nearest Symphony Air Cooler Dealer?

You can visit the Symphony Limited website ( and enter your PIN CODE to get all shop selling Symphony Air Coolers.

✅ Is Symphony Home Service is available during COVID-19 Lockdown?

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to reiterate our commitment to the safety of our customers, employees, and communities. In solidarity with India’s collective efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19, our Customer Support Center and Field Operations will not be functional until April 15, 2020.

✅ Which is the best Air Cooler Brand in India 2020?

According to the reviews by the Customers at, Flipkart and PayTM – Symphony Air Coolers is the Best Air Cooler Brands of the year 2020.

Symphony Limited Official Site
Symphony Air Cooler (Lockdown) Home Services/ Customer Care
COVID-19 Lockdown Buy Air/ Desert Cooler Order Online


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